Lost ‘The Candidate’ 6.14 Shocks and Quotes

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Do not read this if you have not yet watched Lost, episode 6.14, “The Candidate”. I’m still having trouble believing everything I saw. Although the producers warned that there would be major deaths near the end, I didn’t see so many happening at once. Because I am still in shock, I am not going to write a full chronological recap. I’m just going to discuss the amazing moments.

Flash Sideways

1. Jack tells Locke that he is a Candidate for surgery to correct his paralysis. So the title of this episode was not only about the island candidates.

2. How did Locke wind up paralyzed in both worlds when they happened in two totally different ways? Locke is really the unlucky one, not Hurley. So we now know that Locke caused both his own paralysis and the might-as-well-be-dead condition of Anthony Cooper, his father.

3. In the flash sideways, we now see that Ben and Locke’s fathers and Desmond’s father-in-law are much nicer to them than in the real world, yet Jack’s father was the same. Why?

4. After Locke tells Jack about the plane accident, Jack says “What Happened, Happened“.

5. Jack is as stubborn as ever, trying to get Locke to have the surgery. When he saw Helen at the nursing home, she said, “You saved John’s life, why can’t that be enough?” Jack replied, “Because its not.

6. When Jack tries to wake Locke in the hospital, Locke murmurs, half asleep, “push the button” and “I wish you had believed me“. The believed me line was in Locke’s suicide note to Jack.

7. Jack and Claire finally talk. Jack tells her that their father drank himself to death. Christian left a music box to Claire. Is that the same music box that Danielle had? Jack then invites Claire to move in with him because “We’re family“.

8. It was great seeing Bernard again, even if only in the flash sideways. It was funny when he accused Jack of flirting with his wife while he was in the bathroom.

9. Jack seemed to notice that something was weird when he found out that not only Locke, but Claire and Bernard were also on flight 815 with him.

On the Island

1. Sun and Jin just got together and now they are dead. How could they be given so little time together after a three year separation? Sun pleaded with Jin to leave. It was very touching when Jin said “I won’t leave you. I will never leave you again.” A real Titanic moment when they drowned holding hands, with the beautiful Lost score playing in the background. What is going to happen to their daughter, Ji-Yeon?

2. Sayid died a hero. He fought his possession by Smokey to do a good thing. Right before he ran off with the bomb he told Jack that Desmond is alive and that “You need him because Locke wants him dead“. When the others were trying to escape the sub, Hurley said, “I have to go back for Sayid“. Jack said, “There is no Sayid!

3. I’m assuming that Frank died, but without seeing for sure, we don’t really know.

4. The only regulars still alive are now Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Claire and, even though we didn’t see them tonight, Miles, Ben, Richard and Desmond. And then there is Smokey in Locke’s body.

5. When Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sawyer got to the beach, Kate began to cry. Immediately after, Hurley started sobbing. Jack walked away from them to the water and then he began to cry also.

6. Now we know for sure that Smokey is all bad. Any hints of him being good were just an act. He pulled a long con to get them all together in a small place so that they would kill each other. Jack figured it out and knew the bomb wouldn’t go off if they didn’t touch it, because Smokey can’t directly kill the candidates. Jack said, “What if he didn’t need us all to go with him, he just couldn’t leave until we  were all dead.” But Sawyer wouldn’t listen and pulled the wire, playing right into Smokey’s plan.

7. Earlier in the episode, as part of Smokey’s con, he told the survivors that Widmore’s plan was to get them all together is one small place (the plane) to kill them all. But that was his plan all along.

8. Jack rescued Sawyer, even though Sawyer caused the explosion. Does that make them even now for Jack’s part in Juliet’s death?

9. The season 3 cages were back. When Sawyer disarmed one of Widmore’s men, Widmore came out and pulled a gun on Kate. He said that even though he couldn’t kill Sawyer (because he is a candidate), he could kill kate, so Sawyer backed off. When Jack rescued them from the cages after Smokey killed Widmore’s men, Jack said, “I’m with him“, pointing at the smoke.

10. Smokey killed many (if not all) of Widmore’s men. Where is Zoe?

11. Kate was shot but still alive at the end of the episode. Will she make it until the finale?

12. When Smokey saw that some survived the submarine explosion, he picked up his gun and told Claire  “I’m going to finish what I started“. How is he going to do that when he can’t directly kill the candidates?

13. Who was Widmore talking about when he said, “He’s Coming“?

It was great to have all of the original cast back together again, even though it was temporary. However, they are all still alive in the flash sideways . In fact, it was bittersweet seeing Jin walk into Sun’s hospital room with flowers shortly after we saw them die.

It was just announced tonight that the Lost series finale is going to have another half hour added to it. That means that from 7-9 there will be a 2 hour recap, from 9-11:30 the finale will air, and then from 11:30-12:30 there will be a Lost Jimmy Kimmel special. What a night. Hopefully there will still be a few characters alive by then.

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