Lost ‘Sundown’ Episode 6.6 Highlights, Quotes and Questions

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Although we still didn’t get much more in the way of answers in Lost tonight, Sundown was still a great episode. We had Keamy, Jin and Jack cross paths with Sayid in his Sideways story. And the Island story definitely advanced. Sides are being drawn and it looks like the only Others left on the island are Ben, Richard and the small group surrounding Fake Locke at the end of the episode. 

Highlights, quotes and questions of Episode 6.6 “Sundown”:

Los Angeles 2004

1. Nadia is married to Sayid’s brother and they have two kids. It is clear, though, that they love each other. Nadia asks Sayid the question we are wondering, why isn’t she with him? He tells her that after everything he did in the war, he is not worthy of her. He still has the same picture of her in his wallet.

2. Sayid’s brother Omer is having troubles with a loan shark. When Omer asks Sayid to get them to leave him alone with his torture methods, Sayid says “he’s not that man anymore.”

3. The loan shark’s men attack Omer and Nadia and Sayid go to see him in the hospital. We see Jack walking through the halls in his doctor scrubs.

4. Sayid now wants to go get revenge but Nadia talks him out of it. However, they kidnap Sayid and bring him to the loan shark – Keamy!! Sayid takes care of the guards and then kills Keamy. In the season 4 episode, “There’s no place like home”, Sayid and Keamy have a fight almost to the finish, but Richard steps in and shoots Keamy.

5. Sayid hears a noise in the other room, and when he gets there, we see Jin tied up. Sayid asks who he is but Jin says he doesn’t speak English.

The Island 2007

1. We had some great quotes during Sundown:
   a. Dogen to Sayid – “I think it would be best if you were dead”. Ironic, since at the end of the episode, Sayid kills Dogen.
   b. Miles to Kate when she returns to the temple – “Sawyer sent you packing, right?”
   c. Miles to Kate about Claire being back – “She’s acting all weird, but still hot, though”.
   d. Fake Locke to Sayid after being stabbed by him – “Now why’d you go and do that?” and “You stabbed me in the chest without even saying hello”.
   e. Claire, after Kate told her that she raised Aaron and was now here to rescue her – “I’m not the one that needs to be rescued. He’s coming Kate!”
   f. Sayid, after Lennon says that Dogen was the only thing keeping the smoke monster out of the temple – “I know”. That was when we realized Sayid sided with Fake Locke.

2. Dogen tells Sayid that he tests (torture) he ran on Sayid are like a scale with one side good and the other side evil. Sayid’s tipped the wrong way. After Dogen and Sayid have a very long fight and Dogen gets the upper hand, but lets go when he sees his baseball fall. Dogen tells Sayid to leave and never come back.

3. Fake Locke sends Claire into the temple to deliver a message. She asks if he is going to hurt them (the people at the temple) and he says, “only the ones that don’t listen”. Claire enters the temple and tells Dogen, “He wants to see you”. Dogen refuses because he knows that Fake Locke will kill him.

4. They put Claire in a hole ( that was what the tailies used when they had to imprison someone). Dogen called Sayid back and sent him with a large knife to kill Fake Locke (described by Dogen as “someone you will know but you think is dead”). He tells Sayid that Flocke is “evil incarnate”.

5. Kate returns to camp and Miles tells her about Claire.

6. When Sayid sees Locke after hearing the smoke monster noises, he immediately stabs him without hesitation. Fake Locke is fine, he doesn’t even bleed. (Ben killed Jacob by stabbing him in the chest with a knife. However maybe he would have lived if Flocke hadn’t kicked him into the fire). Flocke tells Sayid that Dogen sent him on this mission because he wanted Sayid dead and thought that Flocke would kill him. He then uses this chance to get Sayid on his side by telling him that if he helps, Flocke will give Sayid the one thing in the world that he wants (the same thing he told Sawyer). Sayid says that the one thing he wants died in his arms. Does he mean Nadia or Shannon, they both died in his arms.

7. Sayid announces to the entire camp that he has a message from MIB/Smokey/Flocke that since Jacob is dead they no longer need to stay at the temple. He is leaving the island and they have until midnight to decide whether to go with him. If they don’t they will die.

8. We finally learn Dogen’s background and the meaning of the baseball that is so precious to him. He tells Sayid that he was a businessman and Japan and after drinking, he picked up his 12 year old son from baseball they were in an accident and his son died. Jacob visited him and told him he could save his son if he came with him, but that he could never see him again. He then asks Sayid if the man outside offered him a similar bargain. That is when Sayid kills Dogen by drowning him in the water, as they did to Sayid when he arrived. Sayid also killed Lennon.

9. The smoke monster comes and starts attacking everyone. Kate and Miles run. Kate winds up in the pit with Claire to escape Smokey.

10. While Miles is trying to hide, Ilana, Frank, Ben and Sun arrive. Miles tells Sun that Jin is there on the island and alive. Ben finds Sayid and tells him to run, that there is time to get away. Sayid says “Not for me”. Ben goes back to the others and Ilana finds an opening in the hieroglyphic wall in the temple (probably the path to the outside) and they all enter it.

11. Smokey, now back in the form of Flocke is surrounded by a bunch of men I’ve never seen before. Everyone else is dead. Sayid and Claire approach him happily. Kate is very wary and Flocke gives her a weird look.

12. Questions:
   a. Who are the men with Flocke? Are they just some of the others from the temple that decided to side with him?
   b. Where was Jin? Was he still in Claire’s tent?
   c. Where is Sawyer? Last we saw him he joined up with Flocke.
   d. Where is Richard? Is he alone?
   e. Where Jin and Sun ever reunite?
   f. Did Sayid help Flocke because he believes he will get Nadia back, or to get even with Dogen for the torture?
   g. Who is coming to the Island??

The name of next week’s episode of Lost, 6.7, is “Dr. Linus” and from the scenes from next week shown at the end of tonight’s episode, it does look like a Ben-centric episode. This should be very good.

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