Lost Season 5 Finale "The Incident" Top 37 Moments, Questions , Quotes and More

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Just added: Best Quotes from the Lost Finale The End

Wow, wow, wow! The season 5 finale of Lost just blew me away. This might have been the best finale of Lost yet and that is really saying something. So much happened in this two hour episode that it is almost impossible to organize my thoughts. I will try to do my best:

Recap Highlights:

1. We finally got to see Jacob! In 1845, we see that Jacob lives under the statute. We see him sitting by it, and it is still in one piece. Another man sits with him and they disagree about the incoming ship. The man, says they come, fight, destroy, corrupt, it always ends the same. Jacob then says that it only ends once, anything before that is just progress. The other man tells Jacob that he wants to kill him and what one day he will find a loophole. Jacob says, when you do, I’ll be right here.

2. Jacob met all of the Oceanic regulars that are still alive. He gave advice to young Sawyer and Kate and an adult Jack. He seemed to save Locke’s life when he was thrown from the window (the doctor’s had said that it was a miracle that he lived), he congratulated Jin and Sun in perfect Korean at their wedding and he helped Hurley get back to the island with what I assume is Charlie’s guitar case. The only one that Jacob hurt was Sayid by helping Nadia die and I am sure that was probably part of a plan to get Sayid back to the island.

3. When Richard questioned Locke about coming back to life, he said that it was Jacob that prevented him from aging. Is this true, and if so, how does Jacob do this?

4. When Sun and the Others stop at the survivor’s camp at the beach, Sun saw Aaron’s crib and Charlie’s Drive Shaft (DS) ring.

5. Illana, Bram and crew tell Frank that they are friends and that “they are the good guys” as Ben always said. Then they show him what is in the box, which we don’t see until the end of the episode – Locke’s dead body.

6. Locke insists to Richard that Ben go in with him into the statute to see Jacob. Richard opened the door and said “tell him I say hello” and left. Locke gave Ben a knife.

7. When Illana and group arrive at the Statute she asks for Ricardos (Richard). She says “What lies in the shadow of the statute?” His answer in Latin is “he who will protect/save us all” and it appears to be the right answer from the look of relief on Bram and Illana’s face. They show Richard and Sun Locke’s dead body.

8. Locke and Ben see Jacob and he says, “so you found your loophole” and Locke says “indeed I did, and you have no idea what I’ve gone through to be here”. That is when we know that this man that looks like Locke is really the man from the beginning that wants to kill Jacob. Jacob tells Ben that he has a choice but When Ben asks Jacob why he wouldn’t meet with him before, Jacob doesn’t make any attempt to lie to save himself. Ben stabs Jacob and then when Jacob says “they’re coming” Locke kicks him into the fire to burn.

9. When Sawyer, Juliet and Kate reached shore from the sub, Vincent came running out of the woods. Right behind, lo and behold, came Rose and Bernard! They had been living peacefully by the shore the whole time.

10. Ben’s dad shot Sayid? He was in pretty bad shape by the end of the episode.

11. Sawyer and Jack had a heart to heart talk and then almost kill each other fighting. Sawyer told Jack about his parents dying and the con man. Jack tells Sawyer about losing Kate. Jack asks why Sawyer didn’t stop his dad while he was back in time. Sawyer said “Whats done is done“. Sawyer reminds Jack that him and Kate will be strangers and she will be in handcuffs. Jack “if its meant to be, its meant to be”.

12. Miles said something that didn’t occur to anyone and that could be right “Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy is actually going to cause the thing he is trying to prevent. Perhaps the nuke is the incident”. That would certainly be ironic if that was the case.

13. When Sawyer asked Juliet if they should go help Jack when they see Phil on his way to the Swan, Juliet says “Live together, die alone“.

14. During the big shootout Jack dropped the bomb into the hatch. They were all anxious and scared for the explosion but it didn’t occur. Then things got crazy and everything nearby was being pulled into the hatch. Miles rescued his dad.

15. Juliet got pulled down into the hatch. Kate and Sawyer try to pull her out, Sawyer held on for as long as he could yelling “don’t leave me” the whole time. Juliet finally saw how much he cared. She dropped to bottom. Sawyer was desolate. Saddest death on lost!!

16. Juliet somehow didn’t die on impact. According to Sayid the bomb was rigged to explode on impact. Juliet managed to grab the bomb and bash a rock into it until it exploded.


17. Ben to Sun about Locke “I said he was the leader, a title that I’ve discovered is incredibly temporary”.

18. Ben to Locke when asked why he didn’t tell Richard his plans “If by plans you mean murder, I assumed you’d want to keep that a secret.”

19. Rose’s answer to why they didn’t want to join Dharma with Sawyer and others “Because we’re retired“. LOL Loved that line.

20. From funny to heartwarming: Bernard, “so we die. We just care about being together. Thats all that matters in the end”.

21. Frank to Bram “my experience, people that go out of their way to tell you they are the good guys are the bad guys”.

22. Locke to Ben, “Mind if I ask you a question” Ben, “I’m a Pisces“. Another funny gem from Ben.

23. Sawyer, when the bomb didn’t explode “This don’t look like LAX”.


24. Jacob was reading a Flanney O’Connor bookEverything that rises must converge” while sitting on a bench outside the window that Locke gets pushed out of.

25. The Lost title at the end of the finale was a white background with black print, which is the opposite of the normal Lost title used at the beginning of each episode.

26. Sawyer called Miles Enos, from the Dukes of Hazzard.

27. As a child, Kate stole a New Kids on the Block lunch box. The New Kids on the Block have recently made a comeback.


28. How did the statue get destroyed?

29. Who is the man from the beginning that uses Locke’s body and how does he do so?

30. So, does this mean that Locke is really dead?

31. Is this the end of Juliet? Even if Jack’s plan works, it should only affect the lives of the passengers of Oceanic 815.

32. Sayid is dying, but if everything is changed like Jack is trying to do, will he be alive again?

33. If Jack’s plan works, will Charlie, Boone, etc. all be alive again next season?

34. How do Jacob and Illana know each other?

35. If Jacob really did prevent Richard from aging, what will happen to Richard if Jacob is really dead?

36. How has Jacob lived so long?

37. Biggest Theory/Question – It appears to have been Jacob’s plan for years to get Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Sayid, Hurley, Sun and Jin to the Island. If that is so, then it was not just an accident that their plane crashed. Does that mean that no matter what Jack does, even if Desmond never has to push the buttons, that these people are all destined to wind up on this Island anyway?

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  1. Great recap! I love the lines you quoted- man there were some good ones tonight! I have a lot of the same questions as you do, and am totally bummed that we have to wait until 2010 to find out more. I’m also crushed that 2010 will be the last season. I so do not want this show to end!!!

  2. danny m - sacramento 916 :

    although i could be wrong, i had a quick thought. from things ive rrad here and elsewhere, people keep saying that juliet hit the bomb with a rock and it exploded. however, simply seeing the screen turn white does not necessarly imply an explosion ( there were were white flashes throughout the season with explosions – time travel) . perhaps a simple fade to white is to make us believe that there was an explosion?

  3. OMG, what an incredible finale! I agree with EVERYTHING you said Jennifer!
    And Carebear, I don’t want it to end either.
    Danny m – I agree with you that we cannot assume their was an explosion.
    Jennifer – I am amazed at all your observations and comments. You are “right on” in my book. I could hardly sleep thinking about everything that happened, WOW!

  4. So many religous undertones to the Jacob story …good vs evil – free will etc. I hope it does not end up being just about religion but it’s getting harder and harder to think otherwise.

  5. Great post! I am still having a hard time wrapping my mind around the finale. I do hope Juliet is alive… my heart broke when Sawyer was pleading with her to hang on.

  6. the whole Jacob thing does make me think of Cain and Abel. Liked the fact that Jacob was wearing a white shirt and the mystery guy was wearing black.It’s the most simple premise good versus evil. Look at Star Wars that’s just cowboys and Indian’s in space hehe.
    But anyway great recap as always!
    When Ben said he was a Pisces I almost spat tea all over my pc. Was so happy to see Rose and Bernard. They are a very sneaky pair hiding out all that time.
    Oh and Juliet every time I saw her sad face I just wanted to cry I felt so sorry for her.
    It would be strange if the white flash was a time travel flash and they all end up back on the plane to crash all over again on the island.
    Oh and when Sun found Charlie’s ring. That was another sad moment for me too.
    I’m glad I watched it online, had to keep pausing it every so often to regroup.Can’t believe how much they fitted in.
    Can’t wait for the last season but then I will be sad when its all over.

  7. My brain was twisting,guessing what would be is the next episode all about? hmmm I like the this show a lot,make me crazy when I missed 1 episode but never at all because if I missed it in TV I watched it in the internet,since pilot episode to this finale I havent missed any.

  8. Sending you a “splash award” for all your great writing and support of MY blog – look forward to seeing YOUR list of blogs to read.

  9. Juliet getting pulled into the hatch was about the most heartwrenching thing I’ve ever seen. Kudos to the actors, but I hate to think that Juliet is really dead. I’m hoping that the bomb did go off but that they all just end up back to when the plane landed. With Jacob gone and not pulling the strings, things could turn out much differently. So I’m telling myself that Sawyer and Juliet might find each other and…yeah, not realistic, but one can dream. Great recap!!

  10. My guess for season 6 – Daniel’s plan works and everybody finds themselves in new future where the plane didn’t crash and they just got on with their lives off the island over the next 3 years.

    This is not an alternate future but an updated future as there is only one timeline in Lost (when changes occur in the past, physical objects and people’s memories can be changed to match the new reality for example Daniel meeting Desmond, the Dharma photo with Jack, Hurley, etc…)

    However it’s possible that memories of the previous past still remain deep down and they all have an uneasy feeling that something is missing. Chance meetings with other passengers, or coming across things related to their time on the island might trigger memories.

    In the first half of the season they will try to recover the memories they so desperately wanted to lose at the end of season 5 (a bit like how they wanted to get back on the island they so desperately wanted to leave). This might lead to meet with Charles Widmore and Eloise Faraday (who had left the island anyway) and further relevations about the island in the second half of the season. Just my predictions.

  11. Anon, this is what I thought at first, but I think that they are going to be on the Island all season, so I’m not sure exactly how that will work out.

  12. What did jacob mean by “Their coming” but i must say that episode was great i though it was the end but i have now heard about season 6 – looking fored to it but 2010 🙁

  13. At the time, I just thought that he meant that Richard and others were coming into the Temple, but now, after reading many other blogs, I think it means that the plane survivors in 1977 are coming back to the present.

  14. great recap. though with #2 if you think about it Jacob actually saves Sayid from getting hit by the truck just doesnt save his wife

  15. True. That is definitely a different way of looking at it that puts Jacob in a better light.

  16. i did not notice the black shirt on the the guy talking to jacob at the beginning; however, he was wearing black, jacob wearing white. very similar to the backgammon lesson locke taught us/walt in season 1.

    also, jacob could be from the bible. he had a brother called, i believe, esau, and they battled over birthright or something.

    further, in season 1, jack discovers “adam and eve” at the caves. in the pocket of what is called ‘adam’, he pulls out a black and a white rock (similar to that of what locke used as backgammon pieces). could it be locke?

  17. I loved it when Rose said: So, Jack has a bomb. What is it with you people always trying to kill each other!

    I have my concerns about the time travel thing and Jack detonating the bomb. Whoever dies in the explosion in 1977 will still be dead in 2004, so whoever Jack is trying to save is definately not himself, Sawyer and the rest. If the hydrogen bomb did blow up, they could not have survived it.


  18. I tried to answer some of your questions based on my understanding of the LOST which may be incorrect 🙂

    28. How did the statue get destroyed?
    Thats because of the bomb which Jack dropped into the hatch and Juliet pulled the bomb. The bomb destroyed the statue.

    29. Who is the man from the beginning that uses Locke’s body and how does he do so?
    This is Jacob in Locke’s body. Remember he was telling he will come back in any form again.

    30. So, does this mean that Locke is really dead?
    Yes Locke is really dead and even Jack’s father is also dead. Jacob was using jack’s father body earlier and now Locke’s body.

    31. Is this the end of Juliet? Even if Jack’s plan works, it should only affect the lives of the passengers of Oceanic 815.
    Yes its the end of Juliet and yes, it’s going to affect all the passengers from Oceanic 815.

    32. Sayid is dying, but if everything is changed like Jack is trying to do, will he be alive again?
    Sayid will be alive again yes.

    33. If Jack’s plan works, will Charlie, Boone, etc. all be alive again next season?
    Charlie, Boone will be alive again yes.

  19. Hi Ktnghandi, thanks for commenting. I only disagree with your answer for 29. It is the Man in Black in Locke’s body not Jacob. And I’m not sure about 28, how that statute was destroyed.

  20. Now we know

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