Lost Deleted Scene: Comic-Con Video Must See

 Lost Deleted Scene: Comic Con Video Must See Lost Deleted Scene: Comic Con Video Must SeeDamon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse showed up at the Lost: One Year Later panel at Comic-Con 2011. They premiered what they said was a “deleted” scene from the season one finale of Lost that proves that they knew all along the full plan of how Lost was going to end. This is a MUST SEE VIDEO for any fan of Lost.

I love that Damon and Carlton have such a sense of humor. And the Man in Black has a name!! The best part of this is seeing Lost again. I hope it never dies.

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  1. Awesome! Man I miss LOST so much! The only downside of this show is that once you watch it, you don’t want to watch anything else on tv, since the quality of all other shows pales in comparison.

  2. This is just awesome indeed! You know, I’m a great fan of Lost, and usually I treat such parodies quite negatively, but I think that this Comic-Con video is much better thaan the original)) So funny!

  3. LOST now has a new level for me, whenever characters are talking in the jungle i just imagine Jacob and Barry hiding out of sight arguing like an old married couple :)

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