Livescribe Stickers Allow Recordings Everywhere

Livescribe Sound Stickers

The Livescribe Echo Pen allows users to record speech in addition to or instead of taking notes. However, since the pen only worked in a Livescribe notebook, it was limited in its applications. Now, with the purchase of Livescribe Sound Stickers, recordings can be placed anywhere and everywhere.

The Livescribe Sound Stickers open up an almost limitless number of new uses for the Livescribe Echo Pen. Some examples that I can think of are:

Livescribe Echo Pen with sound sticker
  1. Carry the Livescribe pen and a sheet of stickers in your purse or backpack and you can make impromptu recordings wherever you go. 
  2. When traveling, make recordings of the sights you visit and then add the sound stickers to your photo album. You will have a narrative describing each of the pictures.
  3. When you go to work, or leave your family for a business trip, leave sound stickers around the house with messages for your family.
  4. Take the pen and stickers with you to all doctor appointments to record important things you will want to remember.
  5. Create scavenger hunts for your kids using the stickers.
  6. Create stickers of yourself reading along to your children’s books for night’s that you aren’t available to read to them.
I love the fact that even if I am going to use the Livescribe Echo Pen for its original purpose, taking notes, I know longer will need to lug around the special notebooks that were necessary. I can just use any little notepad or piece of paper and only need to carry the very lightweight pen and Sound Stickers. 
The Livescribe Sound Stickers must be purchased from the Livescribe store. However you might be able to save some money on the Livescribe Echo Pen through Amazon.
Full Disclosure: I received a few sheets of Livescribe Sound Stickers so that I could review them. 

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