Lists of Movies for Teens and Tweens

Some of the most popular posts on Connect with your Teens have been my movie lists. There are two types of lists I create – yearly and seasonal lists and such as Best Movies for Teens 2013 and subject matter lists, such as Best Cult Movies for Teens. For those of you looking for movies for your teens and tweens, I decided it would be a good idea to put all the links to these lists of movies in one place.


Movies for Teens by Type

1. 10 Movies to Recommend to Your Teens From Before They Were Born

2. Movie Nights: 25 Movies for Parents and Teens

3. 35 Best Movies about Teens

4. Top 12 Cult Movies for Teens

5. 75 Classic Movies Teens Should See

6. 15 Halloween Movies for Teens

7. 9 Christmas Movies and Chanukah TV and Video for Teens

10 Inspiration Movies for Teens

8. 10 Inspirational Movies for Teens

 Movies by Year and Season 

1. 14 Movies for Teens 2009

2. 20 Summer Movies for Teens 2009

3. Top 20 Fall Movies for Teens 2009

4. 36 Movies for Teens 2010

5. 23 Summer Movies for Teens and Tweens 2010

6. 20 Fall Movies for Teens 2010

7. 42 Movies for Teens 2011

8. Top 20 Summer Movies for Teens 2011

9. 18 Best Movies for Teens Fall 2011

10. 30 Movies for Teens 2012

11. 22 Movies for Teens Summer 2012

12. 20 Movies for Teens Fall 2012

13. 55 Best Movies for Teens 2013

14. 10 Animated Movies for Tweens in Theaters 2013

15. 30 Summer Movies for Teens and Tweens 2013

16. 20 Movies for Teens Fall 2013

17. 40 Movies for Teens 2014

18. 26 Summer Movies for Teens 2014

Keep in mind that there are many other posts recommending movies for teens and tweens on this blog. I’ve only highlighted the list posts here. As I add new movie list post to Connect with your Teens I will update this post. Let me know if there is any other type of movie list post that you would like to see here.

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  1. Great list! My husband introduced my 14-year old to the Breakfast Club a few years ago and he is now hooked. A couple other favorites are Ferris Beuller’s Day Off and Meatballs.

  2. Tough Cookie Mommy :

    These are some of my favorite movies of all time! I always try to spend time exposing my boys to some of the great movies of the past, as long as they are appropriately rated for their age.

  3. great list we have only seen a few of these movies so we will have to start watching the rest on the list!

  4. Your list brings back good memories. Although, my husband loves Napoleon Dynamite and it totally goes over my head. lol. I love the Harry Potter movies!

  5. I have seen several of those movies, including the movies for before you were born. As a matter of fact, I think I was a young teen when I saw it.

  6. Frugal and Fun Mom :

    We love ELF and Edward Scissor Hands!

  7. The Breakfast Club is one of my all-time favorite movies. Of course, I also thought Judd Nelson was the cutest! :) I wonder if my own teens would like it.


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