Life Magazine’s Picture Puzzle Books

 Life Magazines Picture Puzzle Books Life Magazines Picture Puzzle BooksDo you remember the “spot the difference” picture games that you played with your kids? If you think that your kids have now grown to old for them, Life Picture Puzzle Books are perfect for teens and adults and would make a great activity for parents and teens to do together.

Why are these puzzles better for an older audience?

  • They are much more difficult than the usual children’s spot the difference puzzles
  • Instead of drawings, Life puzzle books use beautiful photographs (Life is known for its photos) which kids might not appreciate as much as adults and teens.

The newest book, The Extraordinary Picture Puzzle Book Life Magazines Picture Puzzle Books, is the 12th book in Time Home Entertainment’s best selling puzzle book series. Previous books in the LIFE series have had themes ranging from exotic animals to jubilant holiday celebrations. This newest edition includes 128 pages filled with photos of spectacular moments which are best described simply as extraordinary and is split into four sections based on difficulty – novice, master, expert and genius.

 Have fun with your teens seeing who can spot more of the differences in the pictures. 

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