Lego Art Exhibit Opens in NYC: Photos of Must-See ‘Art of the Brick’

Lego Art Exhibit Opens in NYC: Photos of Must-See ‘Art of the Brick’

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If you are going to be in NYC between June 13, 2013 and January 5, 2014, you must go to Discovery Times Square to see this absolutely breathtaking Lego art exhibit, The Art of the Brick. This is the first large exhibition in the United States, after touring much of the world, for Lego artist Nathan Sawaya.

Art of the Brick Exhibition of Lego Art

Lego Art Artist Nathan Sawaya

Sawaya on Right


I was part of a group of bloggers and their kids that had the opportunity to hear the artist, Nathan Sawaya, talk about how he got into Lego art. We then had a pre-opening tour led by the artist himself. I loved Nathan’s story and I am so sorry that I didn’t record it.


Lego Art Swimmer

Nathan said that his parents always encouraged his creativity and they let him use the living room to build with his giant Lego sets when he was young. Because he was so creative, he eventually figured out that he didn’t have to only build the pictures on the box, but he could create anything with the bricks. However, after college he was practical, went to law school and became a corporate lawyer. After a while he realized he wasn’t happy in his legal career (not surprised), and decided to see if he could make a go at creating Lego art. He certainly succeeded.

Lego Art People

As Nathan Sawaya talked about creating his pieces of Lego art, what really struck me was how much patience he needed to have. I think that many people, even if they had the talent to create these pieces, might not be able to work on one piece of Lego art for weeks, placing Lego upon Lego. That really takes something more than just dedication and patience.

Lego Art Yellow from Art of the Brick

Lego Art Painting

Nathan’s art consist’s mostly of Lego Sculptures yet there are also many pieces that resemble Lego Art Paintings, such as the Mona Lisa. You can learn much more about Nathan Sawaya, Lego artist, and his work, at his website, Brick Artist. Go to the Discovery Times Center website to learn more about The Art of the Brick exhibit as well as other exhibits and how to get tickets.

Lego Art acrobat

Lego Art David

And speaking of tickets, one of you can win 4 tickets to this absolutely amazing Lego art exhibit, “The Art of the Brick” in NYC. The tickets can be used at any time during the exhibit until January 5, 2014. To enter, just go to the RaffleCopter widget below.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is totally impressive 🙂

  2. It always amazes me the things people can make with Legos. I see it and think “oh I can do that!” and when I get home, whatever I make looks like a 3 year old put it together.

  3. I have to hide this page from my son – he’s obsessed with Lego art and is quite creative himself!

  4. How awesome is that?! Didn’t even know there was a Lego Art Show. Wish we had time to get up to NY right now, that would be totally worth the trip!

  5. Simply amazing. Makes me want to try to build something.

  6. I wish we lived close enough to go there! Just showed this to my LEGO loving boys. Amazing pictures!

  7. Some people are so creative! What fun.

  8. I just saw the Lego zoo exhibit in Houston. I am always amazed at what people can create with these. I wish I lived in NYC. I would definitely go to this.

  9. My seven year old loves Lego and he would love this exhibit. He really enjoys building with the blocks and using his imagination.

  10. Future field trip for students as excuse for me to see this exhibit!? I think so. Great for kids and parents and adults and dreamers and everything in between.

  11. wow this looks really neat!

  12. This is super cool.. OMG I love how they turn simple blocks into artwork.. AMAZING… I wish I was that patient.. but it sure is cool to look at.

  13. This would be a great belated birthday gift for my son 🙂

  14. This sounds amazing! My son would LOVE to see this!

  15. I so want to go to this. I saw it advertised somewhere and was like, “WHAAAATTTT????” So cool!

  16. I’d love to see this. Legos are amazingly fun!

  17. I will definitely be taking my boys to see this even if they don’t want to go! I LOVE LEGOs!

  18. melissa Resnick :

    i cant wait to take the kids there

  19. my kids love legos! and they go to NY often with my ex husband…they would love this, thanks

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