Legacy Project Contest for Teens to Connect with a Grandparent

The Legacy Project is running a contest for teens and tweens 8-18 years old that involves connecting with their grandparents. What a great idea. The Listen to a Life essay contest involves teens and tweens interviewing a grandparent or grandfriend about their life experiences.

The national Legacy Project is a partnership with the nonprofit Generations United. This partnership runs this contest each year and offers schools and families free online resources for building closer connections across generations.

How does the Listen to a Life essay contest work:

  1. You must be between 8 and 18 to enter.
  2. Interview a grandparent or close friend or relative that is 50 years or older (can’t be a parent) about their hopes and goals throughout their life.
  3. Write a 300 word essay based on the interview to send a message around the world and into the future.
  4. The contest runs until March 22, 2013.
  5. The Grand Prize is a Lenovo ThinkCentre computer – “because computers are amazing tools for helping us create, record, and share ideas – and a keepsake timepiece from Expressions of Time”.
  6. 10 Legacy Award winners also receive a keepsake timepiece from Expressions of Time.
  7. Winning entries become part of the Legacy’s online Legacy Library.
Grandparents are also winners in the contest. Being able to share their lives with their grandchildren and have them listen carefully is something that grandparents dream of. And meaningful connections with the young help support longer and healthier lives in older adults. How to build the Grandma Connection (see image above) is one of the many books created by the Legacy Project.
The teens and tweens entering the Listen to a Life contest get so much more out of it than a chance to win prizes.

When they hear the real-life stories of older adults, young people become more aware of the lifetime ahead of them, their own dreams and goals, and what’s needed to achieve goals and overcome obstacles. Listening to a life also develops 21st Century learning skills and builds vital connections across generations in a largely age-segregated society where family members can live great distances apart.

I can’t think of a better contest for teens and tweens to enter. With the holidays coming up this could be the best present a grandparent has ever received. Check out the Legacy Project website for resources on other ways to connect with others and change the world.


  1. Shared it from my wall.

  2. What a great way way to connect with elders! Frankly, when I was young I was too self-absorbed to find out more about my grandparents. Now, as an adult, I regret not knowing more about them. We were probably more alike than I thought! This is a great contest, thanks for sharing!

  3. In fifth grade, my daughter wrote a long “Documentary” about her great Grandma’s first 18 years of life. We produced it into a book and gave it to the whole family when her great Grandma passed away. Everyone was grateful.

  4. I know some tweens would might like to enter. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  5. Lisa Heffernan :

    Sounds like a great opportunity for teens, thanks for sharing it.

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