Laptop and Cell Phone Skins and Cases – The New Fashion Accessory

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What was hot at CES this year? Most reporters are discussing 3D television and ebook readers. What I noticed was the proliferation of laptop, cell phone and mp3 decorative skins and protective cases. They seem to be the new must have fashion accessory. With the large variety out there, there is something for everyone, teens, adults, males and females.These are some of the many laptop and cell phone skins and cases that I saw and liked at CES:

GelaSkins (mobile art) – Removable covers to protect portable devices such as laptops, cell phones and ipods. The beautiful decorations are made by artists, so you are transforming your device into a work of art.

Hard Candy Cases – Bubble Shell hard shell cases in a variety of colors for netbooks and MacBooks.

iaPeel – Customized printable skins for your iPhone or iPod. Inkjet printable skin kit in which you design your own skin, print it out and attach it to your iPod or iPhone. Easy to align tabs for an easy perfect fit.

MusicSkins – Fashion protection for your laptops, mp3 players and cell phones for music lovers. They have skins featuring many music artists in all categories of music. They just debuted their new line of Beatles skins. There are also skins based on fashion, models, art and other forms of media. You can also create your own custom skins.

Case-Mate – Protective, colorful decorative cases to fit almost any brand of laptop or cell phone and ipods.

iSkin – Elegant skins for iPods, iPhones, Blackberrys and Apple Notebooks. They also sell keyboard covers and other accessories.

Tru Protection – Not only do they have a tremendous selection of beautiful cases for iPhones and BlackBerrys (some that look like wristlets or wallets), but they also sell Anti-Glare Film and Cystal Film to protect your screens from scratches and scruffs.

If you can protect your portable devices and make a fashion statement at the same time, why wouldn’t you add a skin or case to your laptop, cell phone or mp3 device? Soon enough, nobody will want to walk around with naked electronic devices.

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  1. Yep, I agree. I have had a decorative skin made by Skinit on my BlackBerry for the past year, it was a peacock feather design and I just got my new skins the other day. One is a love bird design and the other is of some abstract design. I love them!

  2. These are great but I would also suggest looking at These custom phone covers replace the original cover so you don’t have to apply a sticker. They have designs from NCAA, MLB, Simpsons and tons more. I have the USC Trojans on mine 🙂

  3. Thanks for telling about What was hot at CES this year, For a few months I was away from cell phone skins now, I have them.

  4. Yip! Laptop and cell phone skins and cases are the fun-hub of the teens today. The designs of the skins and cases are somewhat trendy and funky. Not only that they are categorized as accessories but they are also serves as protectors of the laptops and cell phones. As a businessman-Canadian. Laptops and cell phones are very useful tools in my business branches. To prolong their life span, I invest much in protecting their skins.

  5. I just love iphone and its accessories.

  6. First class article, I loved it. Thanks for sharing such a great post.

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