KidzVuz – Tweens Create Video Reviews on Their Own Online Community

kidzvuz+logo KidzVuz   Tweens Create Video Reviews on Their Own Online Community

Kids like to tell each other about their favorite games, movies and books. However, kids or tweens under 13 are too young to use Facebook and YouTube, so where can they share their views online? KidzVuz is an online community created just for tweens, ages 7 to 12, to make their own video reviews of their favorite things.

KidzVuz is the first video website created just for tweens. It is a completely safe environment monitored by a panel of parents, where kids can have their say. Age-inappropriate videos and comments or personal information are never allowed or posted.

Here are some of the many things that your tween can do on KidzVuz:

kidzvuz+have say KidzVuz   Tweens Create Video Reviews on Their Own Online Community
  • Upload or record a video with the integrated webcam so that there is no need to leave the computer.
  • Watch the Film School video for great tips.
  • Watch video reviews of other members.
  • Rate video reviews of other members.
  • Earn badges and points, complete missions, and follow the leaderboards.
  • Create communities based on shared interests.

KidzVuz celebrates kids in the digital world.  It’s a safe space for them to start creating their digital footprint — expressing their views, forming virtual communities, creating their own content, and having their say” says co-founder Nancy Friedman. Co-founder Rebecca Levey adds “There are 20 million tweens in the US, with $43 billion to spend – and we want to be the place they go to find out how to spend it – not from editors or professional reviewers – but from kids like them.”

KidzVuz is completely free to use. What if your kid doesn’t like books, movies and games? There are many more topics that can be reviewed on KidzVuz, such as tech, toys, magazines, food, sports, pets, travel and obsessions. Plus, there are fun polls and contests. If you have kids between the ages of 7 and 12 you should definitely check out KidzVuz, where your kid will have fun and learn essential skills in video techniques that I am just learning now.

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