Keep Up with Music Watching VH1 Top 20 Videos

Keeping up with teen’s music has been the most difficult area of pop culture to stay on top of. One easy way to keep up with some of the more mainstream popular music is to watch the Top 20 Video Countdown on VH1. Every week they play the top 20 videos of the week as voted on by fans on the VH1 website.
By watching the videos instead of only hearing the songs on the radio, you also get the benefit of becoming familiar with the artist(s). If your teens are into hard or indie rock, rap or anything not in the pop, pop/rock, pop/R&B category; you won’t win any coolness points with them by learning these songs. But, it is still nice to keep current with new artists and new songs. Every now and then, even some indie bands have a song on the list. 
For more information on the show and to see the current list, take a look at the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown website.
This is an update from a post I wrote over three years ago, yet is still relevant.

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