Jane Lynch Discusses Movies, Glee, Acting and Kids

Jane Lynch and TheMoms
Jane Lynch and TheMoms

Yesterday I attended an advance screening of the new 3D animated film, Escape From Planet Earth (Opening 2/15/12). It was a cute, funny and action packed film that the entire family will enjoy. Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester on Glee) voices one of the characters from Escape from Planet Earth, and met with us after the screening to answer any questions that the hosts, TheMoms, asked, and then took questions from the audience.

I have to say that I wasn’t surprised at all at how friendly and funny she was. She answered questions on a variety of topics – Glee, acting, the hysterically funny movie, Best in Show, and motherhood. Check out the short videos below to hear what she had to say.

Jane Lynch on Becoming an Actor

Jane Lynch on Sue Sylvester

Jane Lynch on Kids, Glee and Motherhood

Jane Lynch on Best in Show

Before the screening of Escape From Planet Earth began, I had the chance to meet some wonderful women from the Walk the Walk charitable organization for breast cancer. I will be writing all about Walk the Walk and the upcoming NYC Moon Walk very soon.

I hope you enjoyed the Jane Lynch videos. Watch her on Glee and go take your kids to see Escape from Planet Earth.

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  1. Jane Lynch is awesome!

  2. Darlene http://adventuresofamiddleagemom.com :

    I would have LOVED to have seen Jane Lynch in person: funny, warm, very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So jealous that you meant Jane. Always wondered if she was as quick in real life as her character.

  4. Middle-aged Diva (Carol) :

    She’s doing a lot of good with her celebrity.

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