How to Use StumbleUpon as a Blogger

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The discovery and recommendation tool, StumbleUpon, can be a great source of traffic for bloggers. However, it seems to have the steepest learning curve of any other type social media online. I’ve been using StumbleUpon for years and would like to share with other bloggers what I’ve learned.

First, you need to know how to add your blog posts into StumbleUpon. You could wait for someone else to do it, but adding your own posts is not frowned upon as long as you add and stumble other articles also.

There are two methods of submitting a post to Stumbleupon:

1. Clicking a StumbleUpon widget on the blog – Even if you are not going to use this method, you should have a widget on every post so that others will be more likely to Stumble it. You can see mine at the top right of this post. You can get one of these buttons right on the StumbleUpon website. The box to the right appears and you just choose you button and the code will appear.

2. The StumbleUpon toolbar – Just go to the StumbleUpon Downloads page and choose the correct toolbar for your browser. With the first one (see picture below) which works with all browsers, you can only open the toolbar when needed.

You can then stumble an article from the toolbar.

On the left side of the toolbar, next to the red stumble button, you will see a thumbs you and the words “I like it”. Just click the thumbs up (it will turn blue).

With either of these methods, if the post has already been stumbled, you are all done. If not, the web page below will appear.

You are only required to fill in the “Is this page safe for work?” and choose a category. There are a great deal of topics or interests to choose from, however they have not been update for years so you might have trouble finding exactly what you want.

Now that you’ve added your post, you want to make sure other people see it. That is why it is important to follow other StumbleUpon users. If they then follow you back, you can share your posts or any posts on StumbleUpon by using the share tool on the toolbar.

Just click the arrow next to share and this popup box will appear:

Click on the boxes to select who you want to share with. It is nice to send a little message saying a little something about your post. It is generally not a good idea to specifically ask for a stumble.

You are now done stumbling and sharing your pages. However, when you share pages, you must stumble pages in return or you will lose your StumbleUpon followers. The easiest way to do this is through the toolbar (or my favorite through the iPad app). On the right side of the SU toolbar, you will see a number. The number shows you the number of shares from other people waiting for you to stumble.

Click on the number and you will see a popdown list appear. Showing your shares and any messages you might have. Click on the first share.

When you click on the first share, the shared webpage will appear. Just click on the thumbs up  and you have stumbled that page. There is no need to go back to the list. Another toolbar will now appear below the SU toolbar and you can just click on the word “Next” on the right side. If you are unhappy with the page shared with you, just skip the thumbs up and go directly to Next.

Each one of the shares waiting for you will load each time you press next. So you just thumb up, then hit next, until you are down to zero.

The StumbleUpon Website

You never really have to visit the website. However it can be helpful for informational purposes.

When you first enter your StumbleUpon account you will see recommended pages for you based on the interests you choose when you set up your account. You can also click to see your friends activity and what is trending.

If you click onto your profile you are shown everything you have ever submitted (called discovered) or liked. You can also click to check on who follows you and who you follow. A good way to find new people to follow is to click on the profiles of your favorite stumble users and see who they follow.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below. I also want to clarify that this is how to use StumbleUpon if you are a blogger or someone with articles to promote. If you are just using StumbleUpon to find interesting articles in your interests to read, then all you need do is download the toolbar and keep pressing the big red stumble on the left side. StumbleUpon will then send you recommended articles to read. If you like them, stumble up. If not, just press Stumble again.

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  1. Clear Explanation and I agree that this is one of the hardest social media tools to master and I might add the easiest to SCREW up for others!

  2. Just got into StumbleUpon. Thanks for sharing and thank you for the pictures. Very helpful.

  3. Thanks for the tips – and pictures help me a lot to understand! I’ve been contemplating using it.I’d love to reach more women to help them with their health, perimenopause and menopause symptoms and other life changes… do you know if that demographic uses stumble?

  4. From what I’ve seen, StumbleUpon is used by a fairly varied age range, compared to a site like StumbleUpon, although I really couldn’t give actual demographics.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve been on and off using it because it’s a bit crazy for me.

  6. I am working on using SU, I do find it a little more challenging. Thanks for all the explanations!

  7. This is very good information. SU can be a great source of traffic and provide good content to read, if used properly.

  8. From some demographics I saw, StumbleUpon seems to be much more male dominated. Can you tell if you are reaching a significant number of women in our age group?

  9. I’m not really sure, although my blog is meant for men just as much as women, so that doesn’t matter to me.

  10. Thanks for the advice! I am new to Stumble Upon and really do not know what I am doing.

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