How To Protect Your Kids From Identity Theft

If you read my book review of Bankrupt at Birth by Joe Mason, you already know that Identity Theft is a real threat to kids and teens. What can you do to protect your kids? Consider using a service such as Identity Guard kID Sure.

When a kid’s identity is stolen, parents may not find out for years and by then it could be too late. Tracking your kid’s identity on your own is not easy. It is worth your while to think about using a service. Here you can find an explanation of what child identity theft is and how you can help protect your kids with Identity Guard® kID SureSM.

Are you wondering why anyone would want to steal a child’s identity. Read Joe Mason’s article on Who Steals a Child’s Identity and Why. There are many more benefits in stealing a child’s identity than stealing an adults.

You can claim a free Child Identity Theft Protection Kit to see how your child could be at risk: By claiming this free kit, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether you should be using Identity Guard kID Sure. The kid includes:

  1. Guide to Child ID Theft
  2. Risk Factors Worksheet
  3. An excerpt from the book, Bankrupt at Birth: Why Child ID Theft is on the Rise and How It’s Happening Under Parents’ Noses.
  4. Child ID Theft Safety Tele-class
  5. 30-day free trial of Identity Guard
  6. Subscription to Child ID Theft News
Still not sure what to do. Read this article about the financial consequences of Child ID Theft. The free Child Identity Theft Protection kit will help you immensely in deciding what to do. Take advantage of it for the sake of your family. 
Full Disclosure: This service and the book Bankrupt at Birth were provided to me for review at no charge. In addition I received monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.


  1. Now that I’ve read this I can see why they think this would be an advantage to victimize a child. Great information on one that should be considered by every parent.

  2. Gahhh. This is so scary. ANd a super important topic. Your blog is so relevant. I learn a lot!

  3. Middle-aged Diva (Carol) :

    Ok, so who knew? One more thing to worry about re: your kids. I don’t know about this world we live in.

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