Home Safety Phone System Keeps Seniors Connected

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If you have parents or in-laws that are elderly, yet are still living on their own, it is difficult not to worry. My husband and I live in NY and my in-laws, who live in Florida and are in their early nineties, still live in a house. No matter how old, many senior citizens, including my in-laws, don’t want to give up their independence, even if it means taking care of themselves.

We want to make sure that my husband’s parents can easily call and communicate with us. However, with fading eyesight and limited mobility that can be a problem. So I was so happy to find out that VTech has created a wonderful product, the CareLine Home Safety Telephone System, that helps solve these potential problems.

The Careline Home Safety Telephone System consists of 3 pieces:

  1. Big Button Corded Phone with photo dialing, voice Caller ID and a digital answering system
  2. Cordless Handset with audio assist, large screen and big buttons
  3. Portable Safety Pendant that can make one-button emergency calls, is portable (can attach to a belt or be worn as a necklace) and has no monthly fees.
For more information on the Careline devices, watch this short video:
Each piece can be bought individually. If buying a set, there are two choices. The set in the picture above for a senior living alone or the set with an extra cordless phone and pendant for a couple.

It isn’t easy being part of the sandwich generation. We worry about our kids no matter how old they get and we worry about our parents. My father was living alone for six years after my mother passed away and I would have felt so much better if he had something like this. I’m glad that we are now able to set this up for my in-laws. They love to talk on the phone and this will make it so much easier for them. And my husband and I will feel much better knowing they have the Careline Home Safety phone system.


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Full Disclosure: I wrote this blog post while participating in a campaign by BOOMboxNetwork.com on behalf VTech Communications, Inc. and received payment for my participation. All opinions stated within are my own.
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  1. Tammie Pankuch :

    Terrific post. Never knew all the things this phone could do to keep our seniors safe.

  2. Sharon Martin :

    I know its hard when your parents get older, you just can’t stop worrying about them. There are some great products now and I love this one.

  3. MY mom could use this. I will have to look into it.

  4. 3 Giggly Monsters :

    This is defiantly a product that will make a diffrence, years ago my grandmother fell and no one found out until the next day she ended up having 2 broken hips.

  5. I know that my grandma would have benefited from this. She fell down the stairs and never pushed the button on her “I’ve fallen and I Can’t get up” device. Because she didn’t think if would go that far. Sigh…Careline seems great!

  6. Middle-aged Diva (Carol) :

    There are so many new products out today to help keep seniors and sick people stay home and independent longer. Great product!

  7. Peace of mind!

  8. There is definitely a need and a market for this product.

  9. There is definitely a need and market for this product.

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