Help Ugandan Women: Buy Necklaces Through 1000 Shillings

1,000 Shillings allows Ugandan women to earn money rather than receive charity. Women artisans create beautiful paper bead necklaces and sell them through 1,000 Shillings. They have created an International online marketplace for these pieces of jewelry.

These women in Uganda are given the power to use their skills to raise money for their families. Each product made and sold is exclusive to the 1,000 Shillings website and is a limited edition piece. Your purchase helps these women become independent business owners.

The beaded necklaces range in price from $25 to $28. Each artisan’s story is told on the 1,000 shilling website so you can learn about the lives of the women you are helping. These 6 women from Uganda, all single mothers, are the first to sell on this website.

With the holidays right around the corner, wouldn’t these necklaces make great gifts for your friends and loved ones. And by purchasing from 1,000 Shillings you will also help one or more of these women have a better holiday too.

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  1. I think this is a gorgeous necklace. The three strands make it well worth $28. Why not make purchases that benefit others?

  2. I have seen lots of work through this org and I think it is wonderful that they help these women to earn from a creative artistic approach.

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