Help Finding Books for Teens

YALSA Teen Book Finder

With all the Young Adult and other books written for teens in recent years, how do you keep up with and find the best books for teens. Here are two websites and a new app created just for that purpose.

The app – YALSA’s Teen Book Finder

This free new app, created by the American Library Association, shows the best YA books and media available for teens as selected by librarians and educators. The past three years of YALSA awared books and lists are available on the app.

YALSA’s Teen Book Finder app home screen shows “Today’s Hot Picks”, changed daily. You can search for books on the app by title, author, genre, year, award or booklist. Users can also create of list of favorites.

Website – Epic Reads

Epic Reads is a community website, owned by Harper Collins publishers, that helps readers find the hottest teen and YA authors and books and find other readers that share the same literary interests. The website consists of pages for:

  • Community – online community for teens books and authors
  • Polls and quizes
  • Contests
  • Channels – find other fans of your favorite genres or series
  • Books
  • Authors –  learn more about the authors of your favorite teen books
Website – Teens@Random
While Teens@Random has similarities to the Epic Reads website, there are also some differences. The pages here are:
  • Books – search by genre
  • Authors – includes chats with authors
  • Fun – games, videos and more
  • Community – a separate website called Random Buzzers
  • News – a variety of newsletters


  1. These are some fabulous resources, thank you! My daughter is not a teen yet, but with the amount of reading she does, she’s pretty close ;)

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