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Tornado Maker App

If you are a regular reader of Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology you know that I believe very much in the benefits of technology and video games in education. So do the people at Outthink Inc. They want to get middle school and high school students excited about science and are creating interactive fun educational mobile science apps for this purpose.

Outthink Inc. wants to to revolutionize education through the power of iPads and other tablets. The goal is to spark kids brains and create the next generation of scientists. The first two apps being created are Tornado Maker and Tornado Master.

It takes money to create scientists and Outthink Inc. needs your help. Outthink has put up a campaign on Kickstarter, a website used to fund raise for creative projects through crowd funding. It is a wonderful feeling helping a small company bring its dream to fruition, especially when they are making something that you believe in.

There are other more tangible benefits to helping Outthing Inc. on Kickstarter:

  • For only a $10 donation you will get membership in the Secret Global Science Alliance and a mention on the website.
  • For a mere $25 donation you get the above plus a copy of the Tornado Maker App when it is released, a temporary tatoo and computer wallpaper.
  • And for $50 (only $45 for a limited time) you get all of the above plus a t-shirt and invite to a backer event.
  • There are many more levels above this also.
Want to learn more about Outthink Inc. and their apps? Check out this video:

Outthink Inc. Does Kickstarter! from Alex Kaminsky on Vimeo.

Please visit Outhinks Inc.’s Kickstarter page, learn more, and help the state of science education. Even $10 would be very much appreciated by them. Help teens and tweens enjoy science. I sure wish that I had something like a Tornado Maker app when I was in school.

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  1. Thanks for your support!

  2. I’ve know two companies that were successful through kickstarter and it is a good way to get funding. I wish Outthink Inc. luck in their endeavors

  3. I like the idea of this app and also kickstarters. Anything that spurs business and science is tops with me.

    • Thanks. We need supporters like you! I hope you visit the campaign and join the ranks of people standing up for kids and learning, and science.

      And your hair looks fantastic as always.

  4. Middle-aged Diva (Carol) :

    Kickstarter is amazing, isn’t it? We need more science education, for sure.

  5. That sounds like a really cool app! My son loves science. He’s only in 2nd grade, but he reads everything he can find about science topics. I hope they get it funded!

  6. Amanda Shoemaker :

    Kickstarter is such a great site. :)

  7. Stefani @ :

    Sounds like a neat app. My kids might be interested in this. :)

  8. My son would love this app! It sounds like it’s pretty awesome!

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