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Google in Education

Google offers so many products, services and tools that it is almost impossible to keep up with them. That is why I love the Google in Education website, where Google brings together and organizes all of the products and tools that students, teachers and educational organizations might be able to make use of.

Student Page

Primary and Secondary Students

  • Competitions – links to Google’s science fairs, code jams, space labs and more
  • Awards – Trailblazer and Rise awards
  • Programs – Summer Institutes and LEAD
  • Tools – Google Apps and other online resources
Higher Education Students
  • Competitions – Online Marketing Challenge and Zeitgeist Young Minds
  • Scholarships and Jobs – news and updates
  • Computer Science Programs – various opportunities including Summer of Code
  • Tools – Google apps, tips and more
The Google in Education booklet will give you an overview of all Google’s programs for students.
In addition to the many Google apps and tools that can help teachers, here are some of the products highlighted on the teacher page that really stand out:
  • Lesson plan search
  • Classroom videos – YouTube Teachers shows teachers how to use YouTube in class
  • Training and Development – Google Teaching Academy, Google Faculty Institute, webinars, tutorials and much more
  • Grants and Support
Products, tools, resources and support are available for two types of organizations:
  1. Non-profits and communities
  2. Schools, districts and institutions
If you are a parent, student, teacher, professor, academic or administrator, I highly recommend checking out Google in Education. You may already be aware of many of these Google resources, however, you probably haven’t seen them all, and having them all together in one place is a great way to remember them.

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