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Merck Consumer Care is encouraging families to keep active by doing doing things together. I can’t argue with that. Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Survivor, The View) is the campaign spokesperson for the Active Family Project and she spoke at the kickoff event yesterday attended by many parent bloggers for this sponsored project.

Doing active things outdoors with your family is not only great for your health, but is so much fun and more memorable than playing at home. I cherish the times that we jumped through waves together at the beach, went hiking in national parks and even just talk walks around the neighborhood.

Elisabeth spoke about the program and then answered questions. While I may not agree with her politics, when it comes to parenting and sports, she knows what she is talking about. I loved her on Survivor and again yesterday. Watch this video of Elisabeth Hasselbeck answering a question about whether there should be more mom coaches in kids sports:

The Active Family Project gets into high gear this weekend on Saturday, May 11 for National Family Playdate day. Make a promise to go out and do something fun as a family. And this can easily apply to families with teens as well (although you might not want to call it a playdate). You can ride bikes, have a barbecue, go to a movie together or any one of a number of activities your family enjoys.

Merck has created a website for the Active Family Project. My favorite part is the tips page, written mostly by Amy McCready, Founder, Positive Parenting Solutions and Member of Active Family Project Play Council. She has already written about playing with your kids, chatting with your kids and keeping a family calendar.

You will also want to visit the Active Family Project Facebook Page. Not only will you find more information; you can also enter a sweepstakes with family vacations as prizes. And I know from experience that our family vacations have brought us closer together more than any other activities. And the memories really do last a lifetime.

I know that I mostly write about connecting with your tweens, teens and young adults through pop culture and technology. However, connecting through sports and physical outdoor activities has always been a great way for families to stay close. So make a playdate with your family this Saturday, May 11th and enter the Active Family Project Sweepstakes. Good Luck!

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Full Disclosure: I received product samples and a $100 gift card from Merck Consumer Care, and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Merck Consumer Care. 

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  1. Krystle(Baking Beauty) :

    Such a great way 4 kids to be active without feeling like they are exercising!

  2. I love their Facebook page and am following now. I love ideas for being active. 🙂

  3. Danielle Simmons :

    How fun!! I could definitely go for an active family playdate. We love hanging out together so this would be an awesome excuse to do just that.

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