Fitness for Geeks: The Science Behind Nutrition and Health

Fitnessforgeeks Fitness for Geeks: The Science Behind Nutrition and Health

Are you okay with being told what to eat and do to be healthy or do you want to understand why certain foods and exercises are good for you? If you are in the second category, you will love the new book, Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition and Good Health.

I have always read up on nutrition and fitness because I do like to understand and make my own decisions on what is good for me. Therefore I didn’t think I would learn very much from Fitness for Geeks. I was so wrong. I can’t believe how much useful information is in this book.

What will you learn in Fitness for Geeks:

1. How to reacquaint ourselves with real food, sleep and the great outdoors
2. The best apps and tools to track our health and fitness
3. Everything we need to know about carbs, fats and proteins
4. Everything we need to know about vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals
5. Tips on choosing food
6. Food timing – when to eat and when not to
7. Why and how to spend more time outside
8. Navigating the gym
9. Randomizing fitness and don’t forget to rest
10. More interesting ideas and hacks on nutrition and fitness

Once you understand the science behind fitness and nutrition, you are forever empowered to create a healthy lifestyle on your own. Whether you are a geek or not, even if you hate science, you will find useful advice in Fitness for Geeks. Don’t you owe it to yourself to learn something so important?

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