Find New Music with Valslist

Find New Music with Valslist

Do you only listen to the music that you loved during your teen and twentysomething years? Have you given up on finding new music because you don’t think you will like it or you don’t know how or where to find current music you might enjoy? If so, you must check out Valslist, a website that helps busy adults keep up with new music.

Val has always loved sharing music. From Val: “I’ve created this boutique music website to function as a “music concierge” service – where I find the best cutting edge music for busy people.” Val will show you that they still do make music like they used to. See does this through:

  • Playlists – Check out selections from a number of recommended songs
  • Free Downloads
  • Artist lists – Featured artist, All artists, New album releases, Sounds like… and Artist interviews
  • Videos – Then and Now or Original and Cover
There is also plenty to read on the site through a blog and concert listings. For those not comfortable with new music technology, there is a very detailed FAQ section that covers using iTunes, purchasing music and everything you might need to know about using Valslist.
My favorite section of the Valslist website is the Sounds Like recommendations. You can find current artists that sound like almost all your favorite classics. 
There are many reasons to continually find great new music, however, if you are a parent one of the most important reason is to keep up with and connect with your teenagers and young adult children. Let Valslist aid you in this goal.

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  1. Darlene :

    Thanks for the tip about Valslist. I’ll be checking it out.

  2. SUper idea. I love the thought of someone else sharing their musical opionions

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