Figment – Online Community for Teen and Young Adult Writers

 Figment   Online Community for Teen and Young Adult Writers

Do you know any teens of young adults that love to write, especially fiction? Then you must tell them about the website Figment, “a community where you can share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors.”

It is very easy and free to sign up for Figment. Once in, members can write almost anything from short stories to fan fiction to poetry. It is completely up to the writer to decide whether to make their finished product public. If so, it goes into the Figment library, where other members can read, rate and comment on it. There are many guidelines in place dealing with respect of others.

What appears to be one of the more heavily use sections of Figment is the Forum area (which also has guidelines on privacy, behavior and spamming). The forums are a wonderful place for young aspiring writers to talk about common interests and make suggestions and recommendations to each other. It also makes for great networking.

Other areas of Figment include Figment Features with exclusive excepts from new books, interviews with authors and more cool stuff, Contests and a Blog. All in all, Figment is definitely a website that teenage and young adult creative writers should check out.

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