Fashion Gifts for Tweens and Teens

Caseable Custom Cases Are your daughters growing out of the toy phase and prefer fashionable gifts instead? Here are some great pretty and stylish gifts for teen and tween girls that can also be very useful.

Caseable – Customizable sleeves for Laptops & MacBooks, cases for iPads, iPhones, tablets, Kindles, e-Readers and journals. Due to the great usability of caseable’s online designer it is very simple to create your personal protection solution. Through caseable’s gallery customers can get inspiration for their unique design. Make custom cases for any tech product at


Demeter Fragrance Library - Angel Food

Demeter Fragrance Library – Demeter sells scents of almost anything imaginable. Teen and tween girls will love these, as well as their moms. They have over 200 different eclectic fragrances. Check out some of their most popular scents:

  • Hello Kitty
  • Snow
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Christmas Tree
  • Birthday Cake
  • Maple Syrup

Bassbuds – Earbuds with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Beautiful and stylishly fashionable. See review of Bassbuds and get a discount code for $30 off.

Spikeletz Bracelets
Spikeletz Bracelets

Assorted Tween Products – Two companies that make adorable fashion products for tweens:

  1. Optari - Check out their Spikeletz bracelets, journals and penz; their wristlets totes backpacks and crossbody bags and their popular Fobbz for bags or sneakers.
  2. Iscream – Everything and anything a teen would want from blankets, loungewear and pillows to bracelets, bags, shoelaces and iPhone cases. There is a giant collection of designs to choose from including Airheads, Candy Dots, License Plate, Peace and Smarties.

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Full Disclosure: I received the bags and earbuds for free to review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I feel like you really know your audience as so many of the items you chose are just what my neices and nephews would ask for. Great gift guide.

  2. All of these are great ideas and my grand daughter is in between the stage of fashion and toys and would love some of these.

  3. These are such great ideas! I have a tween (ok for a few more months) to shop for this Christmas (and then her birthday) so these are wonderful. Thanks for these – I may be picking up a few of these.

  4. Nice selection of gifts for a babysitter to give to her tween friends!

  5. Middle-aged Diva (Carol) :

    Who hasn’t felt lost in trying to buy for a tween? Great ideas!

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