Falling Skies Trailer, Comic, Synopsis and More

falling+skies+poster Falling Skies Trailer, Comic, Synopsis and More

On Sunday night, June 19 at 9/8c, Steven Spielberg’s epic new science fiction TV series will premiere on TNT with a 2-hour episode. Falling Skies begins six months after an alien attack has left most of our world completely incapacitated. The series is about the battle between the remaining humans and the mysterious alien force.

In an interesting similarity to Lost Falling Skies Trailer, Comic, Synopsis and More, the aliens are capturing the children, for reasons unknown to the human survivors. Each day is a test of survival as the survivors try to gain intelligence about the aliens in hopes of one day overtaking them.

Noah Wyle (ER Falling Skies Trailer, Comic, Synopsis and More) stars as a Boston history professor whose wife has been killed and one of his three sons has been captured. He becomes one of the leaders of a resistance group, 2nd Mass, with his extensive knowledge of military history.

Comic book fans can read the Falling skies Web comic on the TNT website. Written by Paul Tobin and illustrated by Juan Ferreyra, the Falling Skies Web Comic will bridge the gap between the 12-page Falling Skies comic released at New York Comic Con. There will be a new chapter every two weeks.  If you are interested in interacting with the characters of Falling Skies, there is a Falling Skies microsite and a 2nd Mass (Mass is for Massachusetts, where the resistance group is) website.

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited to watch this new summer series by Dreamworks. I also think that with all the mysteries surrounding the aliens, Falling Skies should be a television series ripe for discussion, which makes it a great show for parents and teens to connect over. Will your family be watching.

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