Eyeona and Moneto – 2 Shopping Apps for Saving and Paying

eyeona Eyeona and Moneto   2 Shopping Apps for Saving and Paying

If you enjoy saving money and like no hassle shopping, then you might like the two services below. Eyeona can save you money on purchases and Moneto allows you to pay for purchases directly from your smartphone.


Don’t you hate when you see an item on sale just a few days after you bought it at full price. And just think about how often this probably occurs without you knowing it. That is where Eyona steps in. It alerts you to price adjustments after your purchase and helps you save money on future purchases.

Eyeona is a free mobile shopping app that tracks price changes and price protection policies of various stores. It is so easy to use. After you make a purchase, take a picture of the receipt directly from the Eyeona app. Eyeona checks the pricing policy and tracks changes in price and lets you know if the price goes down within the price adjustment window.

Eyeona also has two other ways to save you money.

  • You can scan a barcode of an item you want to buy, but is more than you want to spend. Put in the price you are willing to spend and Eyeona will let you know if the price is ever reduced to that amount.
  • Scan barcodes of items you are interested in and Eyeona will let you know when they are on sale.
Eyeona is available for iPhone and Android.
moneto Eyeona and Moneto   2 Shopping Apps for Saving and Paying
Moneto is a prepaid mobile app that you can use to make mobile payments at stores. Go shopping and leave your wallet at home! 
To use Moneto you need to purchase a case from the Moneto Website. Then just attach the case, download and activate your app and you are ready to go shopping. You have all the same protection as you get when paying with a credit card. Available soon for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android phone.

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