Engineering for Teens and Tweens at Design Squad Nation

designsquad Engineering for Teens and Tweens at Design Squad Nation

Engineering is one of the few careers that still hold very bright futures for college graduates. If you want to see if this could be in your child’s future, you should check out Design Squad Nation, both a television series and website from PBS kids developed for teens and tweens. The goal of the website is to give kids a stronger understanding of the design process, and the connection between engineering and the things we all use in everyday life.

Teens and Tweens are shown that if they are creative they can solve problems and make things that will help people. Design Squad Nation is completely  free to join and use. The website consists of:

Members can begin a project or contribute to an existing one by sending in sketches or prototypes. There are over 4,000 projects currently on the website.

Every episode of the television series (all three seasons) is available on the website, and is paired with activities.

There are two games available:

  1. DESINGiT, BUILDiT, FEDGiT – A puzzle game. Solve challenges and save tiny creatures called Fidgits. Manipulate objects to bring the Fidgits home.
  2. String Thing – Make your own music. Customize a string instrument to play a song you write.

Inspiring engineering and do it yourself content from across the web. Also includes challenges, contests, calls to action, and more.

Highlights the amazing kids featured on the show.

The member’s personal profile along with each of the items they have submitted and points earned.

Design Squad Nation can be used at home or at school. There are section of the website dedicated to parents and educators and engineers. There is also wealth of information for them in the way of resources, guides and training. This website is both fun and educational and can lead to an amazing career. What more could you ask for?

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