Educational Games Fun for Teens and Parents

Out of the Box Publishing makes educational games for kids and families. Most of their games are for ages 8+ or 10+, therefore perfect for tweens. However, Out of the Box publishes about a dozen games for 12+, games that will more likely interest teens.

My husband and I played two of their games with our family and we all had lots of fun. The two games we played were:

1. Word on the Street – Brainstorm words that fit the category card you pull, trying to find a word that contains the letters you need to advance on the board. The rules encourage the other team to try and distract the team that is up. There is a timer, so you must think fast.

2. Backseat Drawing – Somewhat similar to Pictionary, except the artists don’t know what they are drawing. They drawer has to follow the directions of another team player and try to guess what they themselves are drawing.

While all educational, the games come in the categories of party games, quick games, engaging games, distributed games and apples to apples games. Many of the games include the rules in Spanish, French and German and/or Japanese, either in the box or on the website. Another great feature, and probably where its name comes from, is that Out of the Box games do not require anything to play that doesn’t come in the box. Instead of needing pencils and paper, Backseat Drawing contains erasable drawing boards, markers and erasers that can be used indefinitely.

Playing games together is one of the best ways for parents to connect with their teens. The fact that the games are also educational is a bonus. Out of the Box games would make great gifts for the family this holiday season.

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