Education Manifesto ‘Stop Stealing Dreams’ by Seth Godin

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Stop Stealing Dreams Manifesto

I have been writing about the failure of our educational system to incorporate technology in a way that would truly benefit students. However, after reading Seth Godin’s Manifesto, Stop Stealing Dreams, technology is minor compared with the real problem with the United States educational system today.

To sum it up, when the U.S. school system was created, the major goal was to turn out a stream of compliant factory workers. The school system has never changed even though our country has. What is rewarded above anything else in public school? Obedience! Everyone must move at the same pace. Passion is killed. Tests destroy a love of learning.

Seth Godin wants his Manifesto shared. Download Stop Stealing Dreams for free. The Manifesto is made up of about 130 short essays. They are all numbered for reference purposes. Every Sunday I am going to share one of the essays on my blog to help get the word out. Although I plan on sharing them in order, I want to start with a short one today because of all the above material, so today you will be getting number 5.
(bold at bottom added by me)

5. Column A and Column B
Supportive ———————————- >


Which column do you pick? Whom do you want to work for or work next to? Whom do you want to hire? Which doctor do you want to treat you? Whom do you want to live with?

Last question: If you were organizing a trillion-dollar, sixteen-year indoctrination program to turn out the next generation of our society, which column would you build it around?

This is more of a rant than a book. It’s written for teenagers, their parents, and  their teachers. It’s written for bosses and for those who work for those bosses.  And it’s written for anyone who has paid taxes, gone to a school board meeting,  applied to college, or voted.

Please share this with everyone you know. Download Seth Godin’s full Manifesto of Stop Stealing Dreams. Come back a read another essay from the book each Sunday.

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  1. I’m sorry, Jennifer. But your comments about school are frankly, cliched and a bit obtuse.

    No personal offense intended, but have you thought this out completely?

    Your criticisms of our schools and the people who educate our children are pretty vicious. Did you get them by watching Fox “News”?

    FYI, I’ve never been a teacher. Nor has any member of my extended family. I’m a parent of a young son. And I’m absolutely disgusted at these attacks on our public schools and the good people who work there.

    I implore you to rethink your ideas. I can’t believe that there isn’t a part of you that is open to a more conscious and intelligent set of ideas.

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