Drop Dead Diva Returns to Lifetime TV in June

Drop Dead Diva: The Complete First SeasonDrop Dead Diva: The Complete Second SeasonDrop Dead Diva DVDIf you are a fan of Lifetime’s hit show Drop Dead Diva, then I have good news for you. Season 3 of Drop Dead Diva will premiere on Sunday, June 19th, 2011 at 9pm ET/PT and it picks up right where season 2’s dramatic cliffhanger left off.

In case you don’t remember, season 2 of Drop Dead Diva ended with Grayson being hit by a car, then recognizing Jane as Deb before falling into a coma. As season 3 begins, Jane is at the hospital, anxiously waiting for Grayson to wake up, not knowing if he will still recognize her. It is an episode not to be missed.

Since it premiered two years ago, Drop Dead Diva has been one of my favorite television shows. It is fun and enjoyable to watch and teaches great lessons on body image. Once Deb, a vivacious model, inhabited Jane’s body, she transformed it. Even though she is heavy, she now dresses, acts and speaks like a beautiful self confident person. Brook Elliot has done an amazing job as both Jane and Deb and makes the transformation believable.

Drop Dead Diva also has a supporting cast to die for (pun intended). I love April Bowlby as Stacy her best friend an Ben Feldman as Fred her guardian angel. Their scenes are usually the funniest. However, the office cast is fantastic as well, and is made up of Margaret Cho as Teri, Jane’s assistant, Jackson Hurst as Grayson, Jane’s co-worker and Deb’s love, Kate Levering as Kim, the tough lawyer and Josh Stamberg as Parker, their boss.

This season Drop Dead Diva will include guest stars Paula Abdul, Wendy Williams, Mario Lopez, Kathy Griffin, Wanda Sykes, Clay Aiken, Lance Bass, Tony Goldwyn, Amanda Bearse, Howard Hesseman, Sharon Lawrence, Faith Prince, Jennifer Tilly and many more. The premiere episode includes a musical dream sequence with the entire cast that reminded me a little of Glee but better.

For more information on Drop Dead Diva, you can follow them on Twitter, their Facebook page, or go to the Drop Dead Diva website on MyLifetime where you can watch all of the season 4 episodes for free. You can also buy both Drop Dead Diva season one and Drop Dead Diva season 2 DVDs and catch up on the entire series. You will be happy you did. This is a great show for families, especially for mothers and daughters to watch together.

Do you watch Drop Dead Diva? What is your favorite summer television series?

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