Campaign for Teens to Teach Tech to Grandparents

iJustine and Grandparents

There are many reasons why seniors need to learn how to use modern technology in this day and age. One of the most important uses for technology for grandparents can be to communicate with family and others. Since most teens are extremely tech-savvy, who better to teach their grandparents about it, and what a great way to connect., an organization for teens to find causes to volunteer for, has launched a new campaign, “Grandparents Gone Wired“. The goal is for teens to spend time with their grandparents and teach them how to use a laptop, tablet, Facebook, Skype and other technologies. How can you not love a campaign like this? has put together a short guide to help teens to teach their grandparents about technology. It includes ideas for what to teach on Windows, Macs, iPad/iPhone, Facebook and Skype. Of course teens can add in any other their other favorite websites or gadgets that they think their grandparents might enjoy.

“Last year we received amazing feedback from teens who shared their tech know-how with seniors” says Sydney Cohn, campaigns associate at “It brought families closer together and allowed teens to bond with older relatives by both teaching them about technology and using it to keep in touch.”

Check out this video from iJustine, the Internet celebrity comedian and tech expert, who is serving as the Grandparents Gone Wired campaign ambassador:

There are also some prizes that can be won, including a scholarship from Intel, however the deadline for entries is 1/11/12 so it might be difficult to make it at this point. However I think that the rewards of bonding, teaching and learning between teens and their grandparents should be reward enough. What do you think?

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  1. Stefani @ :

    That is awesome that someone lucky will be getting a scholarship.

  2. This reminds me of when I was going to school and this 70 year old attended the class too. This was an online class entirely made up of typing up doctors acute care notes, so I was amazed that she was able to follow and quite well actually, since there were many software applications. I have a feeling that her family helped her out or maybe she decided to learn on her own.

  3. Any time bonding with grandparents is good time!

  4. Laura O in AK :

    What an interesting program! I definitely know that my boys grasp some technology stuff much faster than me. Plus, teaching your grandparent would help with building a relationship.

  5. What a great program! I need to tell my grandparents about this!

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