Free iPad App to Create and Share Art Free iPad App to Create and Share Art is a social sketchpad where you can create hand drawn pictures, doodles and sketches and then share them. While this free app is fun for all ages, it has been especially popular with teens.
You can choose from an assortment of pencils, markers and highlighters and then draw with your fingers or stylus. If you want to share what you have created, hit publish and your creation will appear on for all to see and you can also share it on Facebook and Twitter.
In addition to creating my own doodles, I also enjoy the iPad app for looking at other people’s creations. You have the ability to follow the artists that you enjoy. You can also check out the most popular doodles on
Have fun drawing, doodling or creating fine art on your iPad with the app. Maybe you will discover a budding artist in your family.

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