Do You Upgrade Software on Your Computer and Mobile Devices?

Upgrade Your Software Regularly

Did you know that nearly half of all technology owners fail to upgrade their software and a quarter of users don’t even know why they should? Skype, Norton and TomTom are on a mission to encourage everyone to regularly update their software.

Why You Should Upgrade Regularly:

  1. Keep your computers safe from viruses and hackers.
  2. Ensure your software is free of bugs and crashes less often.
  3. Have the latest and greatest software features.
  4. It is usually free to upgrade software.

Why Do So Many People Fail to Upgrade Their Software:

  1. They are worried about security so they are scared to download everything they are prompted to.
  2. They think that there are no real benefits in doing so.
  3. It takes too long (sometimes this is true, but it is worth it).
  4. They don’t understand what the upgrade will do.

Linda Summers, Director of Product Marketing at Skype had this to say: “Only by regularly upgrading, are consumers able to enjoy the benefits of improved voice and video calling quality, longer mobile battery life and bug fixes, in addition to new features that we regularly add across our product portfolio, like Photo Sharing on mobile, or Group Video Calling and Group Screen Sharing on a computer.”

When using GPS and map technology, such as TomTom, users might see outdated maps and get stuck in traffic if they don’t regularly upgrade. And upgrading is especially important when dealing with security software such as Norton.

Now that you know the benefits of upgrading, will you upgrade your software regularly?

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