Do You Know What is Trending on YouTube?

 Do You Know What is Trending on YouTube?

A great way to stay up-to-date with pop culture as well as the cultural and often political zeitgeist, is to see what videos are trending on YouTube. YouTube has made it easy for you to do this by creating a blog, YouTube Trends.

On YouTube Trends you will find out what the latest trending videos are and be able to watch them right there on the blog. The top trending videos will be determined by viewership data and aggregating the wisdom of top curators across the web. Every day at 4am and 4pm ET, four videos will be selected that generated significant buzz on YouTube and news and culture websites. The Trends Dashboard is the place to go for just the videos and the demographic information.

The YouTube Trends blog will also discuss related subjects such as general video trends and what is happening in web video. This website is great for anyone that wants to keep up with what is hot in YouTube and videos right now and also can be a very useful free tool for media covering cultural and political topics.

No matter what is going on in the world, there will always be many different trending topics. Right now, the disaster in Japan is trending with three of the top videos, however Charlie Sheen and Lady Gaga are on the list also. YouTube trends will open your eyes to what the people of our planet are interested in, for good or for bad.

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