Do Teenage Girls read Comics and Graphic Novels?

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Scott Pilgrim Volume 1 cover
When you hear the words comic books, do you get a picture of a geeky teenage boy reading about superheroes? If so, you’ll be surprised to learn that not only do boys read many other type of comics and graphic novels, but many comics are being written for teenage girls. (Graphic novels are comics books bound together to form a book).

Teenage girls are reading many different types of comic books, including those read by males. Both The Umbrella Academy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, both action fantasy comics, have had large female followings. The hugely successful Sandman comic series by Neil Gaiman was read by just as many females as males. Same for the Scott Pilgrim comics which is being adapted into a film starring Michael Cera.

Successful comic series for teen girls include Emily the Strange and Lenore. For younger teens and tween girls, Little Lulu and the Sardine in Outer Space series are very popular.

Due to the popularity of comics with this demographic, classic tween girl characters are now being remade as comics. You can now read The Baby-sitters Club Graphic Novels and Nancy Drew Graphic Novels.

Looking for more comics for teenage girls? Go to the comix channel of the gURL website. It is an online library of over 150 web comics created by award winning artists.

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  1. My daughter is no longer a teenager, but when she was, she was definitely into anime and graphic novels. She never had much interest in anything I would have considered “girlie” such as Nancy Drew which I loved as a girl.

  2. My daughter is 15, soon to be 16. She’s not much into comics, but the ones she reads are old school. Archie, Betty & Veronica.

  3. My DD is not only a graphic novel nut, she’s become quite an accomplished manga artist. I’m a teaching artist and I give talks to teachers about using graphic novels in their curriculum. I think it’s a valuable art form that allows children do develop the visual literacy that is necessary in today’s media environment.

    You can get Shakespeare in graphic novel form, my DD has a Manga Bible! It’s not all ‘pulp fiction! I encourage the parents of reluctant readers to track down some graphic novels and leave them around. My son, who doesn’t like to read at all, recently discovered graphic novels and is now totally engrossed in books. I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

    The graphic novel genre has really taken off in Japan, and as a result many of the popular series reflect Japanese culture. There is often more violence and more skin shown than we’re accustomed to here in the States, so be aware. Also, many graphic novels are written expressly for adults, so you can’t assume if it looks like a comic book that it’s suitable for teens or children. Just like anything, do your homework and check out what your kids read before you let them have it. And pick one up yourself, it’s fun!

  4. My daughter is 11; not a teenager yet, but as some of us know, 11 years old have already acquired some of the more popular teen-aged traits. That, and maybe I’m getting a jump-start on the whole thing. She’s particularly into the Manga category of graphic novels, and I am happy about that. I’m glad she’s found something she’s really interested in. I’m not sure I blindly trust the recommended age descriptions, which are placed on the covers of most of them. We’ve already found that one particular manga story, which is broadcast on television, and is suitable or even marketed for her age group, turns out to not be suitable in print form. I’m glad I pay attention. Thanks for blogging about this!

  5. When I was a kid I use to read comics all the time. My mother got me addicted to Marvel. Now I have a comic book club and I use some of the comics to help my son with reading. My sister is also addicted to Manga. She loves the ones that are gritty and bloody. So no girlie comics for us.

  6. How I ran into this? I have no idea.

    But on the subject of girls and comics, I’m 14 but I’ve been a comic fan since I was 8 years old or so. I’ve already started drawing my own comics, which mimic Cyanide& Happiness drawings but also manga. I don’t think comics can be considered a boy related topic because of all the anime influence either. It is a new trend that has swept teenagers of both genders.

    In addition, a lot of super hero movies such as Watchmen (my favorite comic of all time) so teens are getting a taste of DC and Marvel.

  7. Girls do read manga and comics . My daughter loves to read graphic novels and manga and by no means is she alone. Most of her friends read comics too and they trade and share them among one another.

  8. The online book group readergirlz – – will be featuring a graphic novel in July: The Plain Janes by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg! Each month, readergirlz discusses a book which features gutsy girls. Come join us!

  9. My son at his late teens still read graphic novels preferably Iron Man. He really loves it but when they made it a movie, it disgusts him.

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    The conception of the comic book is the geeky male and i wanted to show people that many females read comic also

  11. I know a lot of teenage girls that read comics and graphic novels. But of cours I don’t know any teenage boy that doesn’t read them.:-)

  12. I am sure that every teenager, no matter the sex, reads comics and graphic novels. no doubt, it is much more interesting than reading book without pictures. 🙂

  13. Generally speaking, the good comics aren’t gender-neutral, gender-specific, or stereotypical–they’re just damn good.

  14. I am pretty sure that teenagers read comics. I am 30 years old and from time to time I read comics as well. It is not matter of age or sex

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    I do agree on this post, that not only teenage boys are fond of reading comics but as well as girls. Girls of this age are always looking for something fun and they found reading as one of it.

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    As a teenager, I would say that it brings boredom reading such things but I think the cartoon drawings will gladly fit and I think most of us is fond or reading love stories.

  17. I’m 13 years old (Girl) and I read X men comics and Play in Band! What could be geekier?

  18. Geek is cool!

  19. Exactly true. I known a lot of teenage girls who like to read comics and graphic novel. This is truly great!

  20. Of course the teenage girls do read comics.. it’s their passion.

  21. Yes, teenage girls read comics, there are many good comics for them to read.

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    Of course teenage girls will read comicz.

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  24. Well, I can totally relate this to my friend who really loves reading comic novels. She is a fond of it since we were young. I often laugh at her every time she cry because she was so affected by this comic novel.

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  26. My daughter hate comics, as they say: “Comics are ancient history, we aren’t so old to read them”. And I agree, nowadays you can find more interesting stuff on net.

  27. My youngest daughter also don’t like comics, although my oldest is a huge fan, she is 21 now, but still reads them everyday.

  28. Woow, Buffy in comics! I was not aware of that.

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