dabong! Fun Family Card Game

 dabong! Fun Family Card Game dabong! Fun Family Card GameBack at the 2011 NYC Toy Fair, a man at a booth for Astute Games was handing out a deck of dabong! cards dabong! Fun Family Card Game to everyone that walked by. I finally had the chance to try out dabong! and now I can see why. He knew that the word of mouth would sell this game.

dabong! dabong! Fun Family Card Game has aspects of every card game you love, yet it is entirely different. It also has three skill levels of rules. You can start at the beginning rules level and play easily right away. Then, depending on the ages of the kids in your family, you can move to intermediate and ultimately the master rules. Each level provides several additional options for playing while also introducing additional elements of other popular card games. To keep things interesting, you can change the way you score, which affects your strategy during the game. You can even create new rules.

The dabong! card game dabong! Fun Family Card Game is great for anyone aged seven and up and a fun game for families with kids, teens, or even all adults. dabong! is a new game, that is sure to catch on. It is already available on Amazon dabong! Fun Family Card Game and select stores around the country.

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