Cobra Tag Locates Your Smartphone, Keys and More Instantly

 Cobra Tag Locates Your Smartphone, Keys and More Instantly

When I was given a Cobra Tag to review, I immediately thought of my husband. He searches for his keys, smartphone and many other items almost daily. He set up the Cobra Tag, which took no time, and he couldn’t be happier.

All you need to use the Cobra Tag is a smartphone with Bluetooth wireless technology. Then you download the free Cobra app to your smartphone and attach the Cobra Tag to your key chain.
If you misplace your keys you just press a button on the tag and your phone will ring. If you misplace your keys, just press a button on the Cobra app and an alarm sound will go off on the Tag on your keys.

Better yet, you can add the Cobra tag to many more items. If you frequently misplace your pocketbook or camera case, for example, you can also add Cobra Tags to them.

The Cobra Tag is available for the Android and Blackberry and, just recently, the iPhone. The Cobra BT 225 Tag alarm is available on Amazon for $45.60.

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  1. I tried it, and it works great. It for the person who misplaces items

  2. Its great for those people who misplace items

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