Help Change the World With 1:Face Watch

Help Change the World With 1:Face Watch

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If you could help change the world for the better by donating $40 to a great cause of your choice, there is probably a very good chance you would do this. What if you also got a watch in return? How could you possibly say no? 1:Face Watch offers you a choice of 8 different watches, where money then goes to the cause associated with the watch you choose.

Change World 1Face Watch

You are told exactly where the donation from your purchase will go. The black cancer watch will support 8 cancer patients. The white hunger watch will provide food for 10 people. The red Aids watch will provide treatment for 8 patients. You can see all of the watches and what they provide on the 1: Face Watch website.

The watch is a simple digital watch (the screen can even be used as mirror, nice for touching up). It is big and colorful. I like that it stands out because if others notice the 1:Face Watch, you can then tell them about it. How can anyone refuse to buy a watch for $40 that could help provide food for 3 disaster victims?

Change the world with 1Face Watch

Because the price is so reasonable, everyone can help change the world with a watch. I can see giving the 1:Face Watch as gifts. Very often we make donations as gifts in someone’s name; here they would actually receive a watch also. The watches come in so many fun colors. Be philanthropic and buy a few.

The box that 1:Face Watch comes in says “This Is Not A Watch – Can something which feeds a child, quenches a thirst, or provides a cure be labeled a watch?” [Tweet “Buying a 1: Face Watch is like helping the world and getting a watch as a gift.”]

Change the world with 1Face Watch

I learned about 1:Face Watch at an event held by The Moms to promote Mayim Bialik’s new Vegan cookbook. 1: Face Watch was a sponsor. They weren’t given out to everyone as swag, but I won one of them in a contest. I do feel guilty for not paying so I think I might buy another one in a different color or for a gift. Place visit the 1:Face Watch website and choose your favorite cause or color. There is no reason not to spend $40 to help the world and get a watch in return!

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  1. Jen,

    Thank you for sharing this! I just ordered “Hunger” and I have to admit, it was a difficult choice.

    Thinking I may return each month & purchase a new one – some for gifts, others for me.

    But I’ll definitely be writing about these folks in my “Tech Me Tues” column ~ I’m absolutely in LOVE {grin}



  2. I love it when companies give back to a worthy cause! And those look like really cool watches. Appropriate for guys and girls, depending on color!

  3. This is so unique! Every time I think there is nothing new or creative that can be developed something like this comes along.

  4. What a great product. I really appreciate when companies give back.

  5. What a great cause and such a good looking watch as well.

  6. This is an AWESOME concept, I love it! And to partner with a great cause, even better! I am going to check a pink out for my daughter and blue for my son!

  7. This is great! The watches are cool, and I always love to shop consciously. Thanks for sharing!

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