CASHFLOW Board Game About Investing For Teens and Adults

CASHFLOW Board Game About Investing For Teens and Adults

Learning is so much easier when having fun. That is one of the key premises of my book, The Gamer Generation: Reaping the Benefits of Video Games. This holds true for board games also. That is why Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, created the CASHFLOW Board Game. This game will help both parents, young […]

Spring Clean File Cabinets and Computer to Keep Identity Secure

Spring is here. We’ve changed our clocks to Daylight Savings Time. Taxes are almost filed. Time for spring cleaning. However, don’t just clean your house. Make sure you use this time to go through your files and papers and do an Identity theft spring cleaning of all of those that have sensitive personal identity information […]

Secret Millionaires Club and Contest for Teens and Tweens

Ever since the recession hit the United States over four years ago, college graduates have been having a very tough time getting jobs. That is why it may come in very handy having entrepreneurial skills. Where can your teens and tweens learn these skills. That is where the Secret Millionaires Club comes in. “The Secret […]

Bankrupt At Birth: What Parents Need to Know About Child Identity Theft

Do you know that Child Identity Theft is the fastest growing form of Identity Theft? Most parents are unaware that their children are in any danger. However, every parent needs to be aware of this threat and what they can do to protect their kids. Bankrupt At Birth: Why Child ID Theft Is On the […]

Tykoon Helps Parents Teach Tweens About Money

Do your tweens know the value of a dollar or do they act is if money grows on trees. Tykoon is a free new parenting tool and reward bank to help parents teach their kids about money. What you should know about Tykoon: 1. Tykoon is a tool for parents, that uses a reward bank […]

Save for College with Upromise

In today’s economic climate, one of parents biggest worries is being able to afford to send their teens to college. Upromise, the largest private source of college funding contributions in America, has been around since 2001 to help. is the smart way to save for your child’s college education Upromise was launched to help families […]