The MUTTS Winter Diaries Comics For Tweens

The MUTTS Winter Diaries Comics For Tweens

Growing up, I loved reading the daily comics, like MUTTS, in our local newspaper. Sadly, with so many newspapers shutting down, that is no longer a viable option for many kids. However, whether you currently read MUTTS daily or not, your family can enjoy this delightful comic strip from Patrick McDonell in book form. The adorable and […]

Using Comics to Promote Literacy

Using Comics to Promote Literacy

Do you think that kids find comics engaging and enjoy looking at them more than they do books? If so, then you might also believe that comics can be effective educational tools for teaching  and promoting literacy. Reading with Pictures, a nonprofit organization and website, not only believes that to be true but advocates the use […]

Get Free Digital Marvel Comic Firsts

Today as SXSW (South by Southwest conference) Marvel announced that from now until Tuesday March 12. 2013, it will be giving away hundreds of digital first issues through the comics app, ComiXology. The app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play for all platforms. All the free comics available are first issues of […]

Economix – Cartoon Book Makes Economics Relatable

If you read only one non-fiction book this decade, you must read Economix: How Our Economy Works (And Doesn’t Work) In Words and Pictures. This graphic non-fiction book reads like a graphic novel except it is true) and recounts the history of economics during eight different time periods. After reading this exceptionally smart and easily […]

Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture: Book Reveals All

Whether or not you are a fan of comic books, you have probably heard of Comic-Con. Comic-Con has evolved into a Pop Culture convention where movies, TV, transmedia  and celebrities take center stage. Whether you are a regular attendee at Comic-Con, work in a pop culture industry, a comic book fan or a novice curious […]

Free Comic Book Day in May

The first Saturday in May is known as Free Comic Book Day, the day when participating comic book stores give away comic books for free to anyone who comes into their shops. This year Free Comic Book day falls on May 7, 2011. The goal of Free Comic Book Day is to promote the comic […]