Cartoon Book Guide for Scratch Programming for Tweens and Teens

Super Scratch Programming Adventure comic book

Scratch is a free easy-to-use graphical programming language designed to help young people, ages 8 and up,  develop an interest in computer programming. By dragging and dropping blocks of commands, users can create animations, games, stories, music, art and presentations. Now, with the help of a new book, Super Scratch Programming Adventure!: Learn to Program by Making Cool Games, tweens and young teens have a helpful guide to creating game projects.

Super Scratch Programming Adventure is a colorful cartoon-illustrated book with fun stories and easy explanations. Even older teens and adults can use this helpful guide and just skip over the little comic stories. I found it very helpful.

Super Scratch Programming Adventure was written by The LEAD Project (Learning through Engineering, Art and Design). This project was created to encourage the development of critical thinking through the use of technology. The LEAD project is very active in promoting technology in education.

Each chapter in the book is a guide to a different game. The games in the first few chapters concentrate on learning the different techniques used in Scratch.

Scratch Programming Language

Scratch is a great way for beginners to learn computer programming and is even used sometimes in high schools and colleges. Because there is no typing of commands, there is no frustration that occurs with misspelling and errors of consistency. This is important to keep up their interest. And I can tell you from experience that computer programming is a great career choice. It is one of the few careers right now where there are more jobs than people who can fill them.

Scratch can be used in 50 different languages at schools or at home. Super Scratch Programming Adventure is a great tool for parents to use to help their kids or for teens to use on their own.

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Full Disclosure: I received a free copy of Super Scratch Programming Adventure! to review.


  1. Programming logic would be super helpful to any child. I think if you can understand several programming languages you can then apply that logic to self learning many more. I was able to teach myself HTML because of prior computer programming training (even if it was AGES ago)!

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