Bullying: Words Can Kill – Must See for Parents and Educators

 Bullying: Words Can Kill   Must See for Parents and Educators

Bullying is a hideous problem that won’t go away and has only gotten worse with the advent of technology. Very few schools are willing to take on bullying so more than 160,000 kids stay home from school each day out of fear. This Friday night, September 16, at 8pm ET/PT, CBS New/48 HOURS presents “Bullying: Words Can Kill” a very important program for parents, educators and legislators about how bullying affects children.

I learned a great deal about the program and some of the people involved at a roundtable discussion which included Susan Zirinsky, Sr. Executive producer of CBS News, 48 Hours, Tracy Smith, Reporter, 48 Hours Mystery, Liz Vachon, a social worker at the Birchwood School who actually did something about bullying, and Lisa Cagno, the mother of one of the bullied children at Birchwood School. The 48 Hours crew were allowed access for six months into the school, one of the only ones in the country actually addressing the bullying problem.

It is extremely important for parents to educate themselves about bullying. The CBS website has links to resources for parents, students and schools. Check to see if your state has anti-bullying laws and if so, what are they.

We need to create a war on bullying. Nothing can destroy a child’s life more than being bullied. Education against bullying needs to begin very young. Kids, parents and teachers all need to be educated. Kids copy what they see and they do see bullying from adults. We also need to stop creating a stigma around tattling. Kids have to be told that if they see somebody do something bad they should TELL.

There is more than one type of war on terror. To a student in school, being bullied is as bad as it gets. Watch “Bullying: Words Can Kill” and lets work harder on stopping bullying terror from happening to our kids.

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