Bullying: The Toll It Takes – Sign A Pledge To Prevent It

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Regular readers of Connect with your Teens know that I’ve written many times about bullying and how I feel strongly that we must all do our part to put an end to it. That is why is was thrilled to be asked to be a part of a new campaign on bullying by TakePart, a news site whose parent company produces socially relevant films to help change the world. (I am being paid for writing this post, but I would have done it for free.)

I still remember seeing kids being bullied in school when I was growing up (and that was a long time ago). I was never bullied and I never bullied anyone and I never cheered. I always felt terrible for the person being bullied. But to this day I still regret the one thing I never did. I never told. I never went and got help. I just ran away so I could forget it was happening and that I am truly sorry for.

Please don’t look back like I did and wish you did something to stop a bully. PLEASE SIGN THIS PLEDGE AND TAKE A STAND AGAINST BULLYING!

The worst part of bullying is that it can change lives forever. Because of the shame attached to being bullied, I can’t imagine that is something one ever gets over. I think we have to hold bullies partially responsible for all the school shootings. I’m pretty sure almost all of the shooters had been bullied in their past.

We must pledge to do something. Parents must pledge to stop their children from becoming bullies. If you bully your child, they will bully others. Anyone that works at a school must pledge to look out for the kids being bullied and stand up for them. Please don’t look the other way. And adults must pledge not to bully others also. It isn’t only kids that are bullies.

Full disclosure: Although I received payment from TakePart to write this post, everything I wrote was from the heart and completely came from me.

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  1. Bullying is so serious, reallly, and ruins so many lives. Good for you for expressing your heartfelt feelings.

  2. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell :

    I think I was probably like you about looking away and getting away from the bad that was happening, although I did actually walk in between two fighting kids (one being a bully) in grade school once and break that up. What was I thinking though? That was dangerous!

  3. My daughter was bullied in sixth grade and I have been a vehement protester against bullying ever since. I was before but even more so after that.

  4. Crystal Threeprncs :

    Thanks for sharing on such an important topic.

  5. I signed the pledge. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Bullying is such a sad thing! My 10 year old is just starting to see it in his school and he tries to stand up for the kids that are getting bullied and then they come after him. I wish it was something that no child had to deal with!

  7. I was bullied during all of my school years. I still do not understand why. I was pretty but wasn’t much of a social butterfly. I see no reason for a shy child to be picked on and bullied though.

    Being bullied as a child caused me to miss out on a lot of socializing. I am now living alone with my 3 sons without even one friend who comes to visit. My entire social life is online because of the way I was treated for so long.

    I raise my boys to be the ones who stands up for those who are treated the way I was as a child. They know to tell an adult when a classmate is being bullied. They also feel pride from knowing they were able to help someone…even a stranger.

    Behavior like this should never be tolerated and needs to be abolished. The worst thing about those bullies is that they grow up to have little bullies of their own to torment the next generation.

    I am going to sign this pledge right now!

    • That is terrible. But I know that bullying is something that probably affects everyone for the rest of their lives. I was only an observer and I am still affected by that. So much more has to be done and schools have to take the lead.

  8. Tracy Iglesias :

    The sad thing is Jennifer that many parents that are raising bullies are fully aware of it, and they chuck it off by saying ‘It’s only a phase he/she will outgrow it’ instead of putting a stop to it!

    As a former Special Education Teacher I know full well how pervasive bullying really is and the damage it causes to the victim.

    Great Post!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  9. Bullying can only stop if there is a culture change in the schools. I can help any school change their culture if they are willing. Please go check out my website for more information!

    Kevin Shipp
    Educational Consultant

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