8 Books for Teens for Holiday Gifts 2013

8 Books for Teens for Holiday Gifts 2013

Books have always made great gifts. However, now with the ease of online books, I find I don’t usually give a regular novel as a gift anymore. Because I want my gift to be tangible, I like to give books that have a reason to be given in print, such as boxed sets and art and coffee table books.

Recommended Print Books for Teens for Holiday Gifts 2013

Books for Teens Holiday Gifts

1. Divergent Series Complete Box Set – The new Hunger Games. The first movie of the trilogy premieres March 2014 starring Shailene Woodley. This is a perfect time to read the books. Great for parents and teens, boys and girls. See my review of Divergent.

Books for Teens Holiday Gifts

2. John Green Limited Edition Boxed Set (autographed) – For those of you who have read The Fault in Our Stars, you know what a genius John Green is. What a great gift 4 of his best books would be, with The Fault included.

Books for Teens Holiday Gifts

3. S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst – Like everything else from J.J. Abrams, there is quite a mystery around this book. The title is S. That tells you nothing. This is what I can tell you. First of all, this is a book you definitely want to buy in hardcover. That is half the fun of the book. It is supposed to be a library book from 1949 named Ship of Theseus. It even has the library sticker on the side and some postcards inside. A young women sees the book left behind by a young man and responds to his notes in the margins. She leaves it and he responds back and this continues. Their correspondence is as much of the story as the rest of the book. My son is reading it and he loves it.

Books for Teens Holiday Gifts

4. Heal This Way – A Love Story – Lady Gaga’s biggest fans share their thoughts and emotions in writing about bullying, thoughts of suicide, the need for acceptance and coming out in this new  inspiring book geared toward LGBTQ teens.

Books for Teens Holiday Gifts

5. Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia – Any fan of video games will love this encyclopedia of about 200 characters from the many Capcom games created over the years.

For Lego Fans:

Books for Teens Holiday Gifts

6. Lego Space: Building the Future – Stunning pictures of Lego battleships in space and directions on how to build your own space pirates and intergalactic vehicles yourself.

Books for Teens Holiday Gifts

7. Beautiful Lego  – See previous review about this beautiful Lego art book.

Books for Teens Holiday Gifts

8. LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History – Facts and photos of over 2,000 LEGO minifigures and their history over the years. 3 minifigures are included with the book.

I hope you like my gift choices. Every one of these books for teens are books that adults will also enjoy. So these book will also bring your families the gift of bonding.

Do you think you will purchase any of these book for teens for holiday gifts 2013? Make sure you check out our Holiday Gift Shop!

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  1. my son would like the LEGO one. he’s not really “reading” reading yet, too little, but he’d still like :)

  2. My teenage daughter loved the Divergent series!

  3. Awesome list, some of these will work well for my tween who I am always pushing in the reading area!
    thanks Jen!

  4. Some of these books look great! I am going to check out the Divergent series for myself because my kids aren’t quite old enough.

  5. Books always make a fabulous gift.

  6. I don’t have any teens to buy for, just a tween. I’m sure he would like a few of these books..especially the Lego ones.

  7. I love buying books! These one are really great suggestions!

  8. I think Divergent sounds like a fun read.

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