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books for teensEver since I wrote Top 20 Classic Books for Teenagers back in June, I have seen that there is an interest in finding books for teens. That post gets more hits from search engines than almost any other I’ve written (except for The Secret Life of the American Teenager believe it or not). If teens or their parents are looking for classic books, they might also be looking for newer books. I found some great websites that will make finding teen books both easy and fun. – This website has everything. It is broken down into so many sections, you can really narrow down your the area that you browse through. They have sections for Authors, Reviews, Cool & New, New in Paperback, Podcasts/Videos, Coming Soon, Features, Series, Ultimate Reading List, Book Clubs, Books into Movies, Newsletter and Search. On the Home Page, featured items from each category are shown. There are also polls, links to award winners and interviews with authors. – This website is on a much smaller scale. However, it is different. There are pictures of all of the books that they have reviewed. If you click on the book you will be taken to a page with a great deal more information about the book, including other reviews. They also have author interviews, monthly contests, an ask the librarian page, an ask the screenwriter page, and a page with links to homework help websites and crisis hotlines.

Reading Rants? Out of the Ordianry Teen Booklists! – This website which has been around since 1998 is now in blog format. Teens can now respond to the reviews in each blog post. The sidebar has a list of the top ten books for each of the past six years. The discussion format is nice, but to see reviews of many books you would have to go through the archives. The other sites are better if you are looking for a book for right now. This blog is something that is better to subscribe to and then read regularly for books for the future.

If you are looking for other book websites for teens, the sidebar in the Reading Rants blog has a long list of Book Review Websites & Blogs for Teens.

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  1. Sounds great. I know I am always looking for a good book to read. I know a few teens who like to read as well.

  2. My daughters are great readers. We do tend to share books and it is great for conversation.

  3. I want to say thanks also. I am always looking for good book for my teens. The 13 year old is reading Huck Finn for school and she is enjoying it!.

  4. I’m not into reading… but my sister is…she’s 15. She loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I personally use
    They have some awesome books on their simple but super-helpful site – it really helped me to get back to reading again!

  6. Anon, thanks for your contribution. That is a very helpful site.

  7. Cool to see you get many reads. I wanted to say here, and I also tried to say in your other post, that hosts most of the books you have mentioned in your list for free reading, and would be a very useful for teens for reading.

  8. thankss! <3 🙂

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