Best Holiday Gifts for Teens

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Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy (+ Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]Yesterday I published a list of the 15 Best Video Games for Teens and Tweens for Holiday Gifts for 2010. Now I’m ready with my list of everything else that teenagers might like, movies, electronics, books, games, and more. I will be doing another separate list of accessories mobile gadgets in a week or two and it is possible that more lists might arise as needed.

1. Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy – Can you believe its been 25 years? What a great movie series to watch with your teens. In addition to DVD, this trilogy comes in Blu-ray with Digital Copy. All 3 movies are restored for perfect picture and sound. Bonus features include a 6-part retrospective documentary featuring all new interviews with cast, director and producers; the physics of Back to the Future, Deleted scenes, Making of, Outtakes, The Ride and much, much more.

2. Toy Story Trilogy – There has been much hoopla around the release of Toy Story 3 this week. But did you know that they also released Toy Story Trilogy, a 10-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo. So if you don’t own the first two, or only own them on DVD and now have a Blu-ray player, why not get the trilogy of this wonderful childrens story for people of all ages.

3. The Twilight Saga Eclipse – Coming out on December 4, just in time for the holidays. Available on Two-Disc Special Edition DVD, Single-Disc Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, Single Disc DVD or Single Disc Blu-Ray.

4. High School Flashback Collection – One DVD containing 3 ultimate John Hughes high school teen movies from the 80s – The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Weird Science.

1. Mastermind – In this award-winning classic game, players must use strategy and problem solving skills to outsmart their opponent. One player is the codemaker and sets a code of colored pegs. The other player is the codebreaker and attempts to break the code with help from clues given by the codemaker in 10 moves or less. The ultimate logical thinking game. In addition to the classic version for teens and adults and even most tweens, there are now new editions for kids 6 and up.

2. MythBusters, Hit the Target Trivia Game – From the makers of the I Can Do That! Games based on the TV series MythBusters from the Discovery Channel. Part of a line of games called ZimZala, built on the notion that “families who play together stay together”. Over 400 questions, which when answered correctly allow you to launch Buster, your crash test dummy, out of the catapult at your target to try for a win.

3. Do Tell: The Hilarious Game of Connection – Read all about it on my review at Board Game for Teens and Parents to Connect.

4. Toy Fair 2010 – I attended the Toy Fair back in February at the Javitz Center in NY. I wrote an article, 12 Games for Teens and Tweens from NYC Toy Fair 2010.

1. Kindle – Although I love my iPad, I do not think teens need such an expensive device. The Kindle can be purchased for only $139 now and I really do think that it many teenagers will read more if they have one. They are so small and light they can be carried in any purse or backpack. Teens love gadgets and the best part is they can read anything in public, yet nobody knows what they are reading.
Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR
2. Spy Gear Spy Video Trakr – The first programmable remote-controlled vehicle that digitally transmits color video, audio and data and enables users to create, download and share custom apps. Comes with night vision, cyborg vision and path mapper. When I saw it being demoed I thought it was for adults, but in actually is for kids ages 8 and up. I have a feeling college students will be wanting these.

1. LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop – LEGOs are not just for kids. This set specifies it is for ages 12 and up, hence teenagers or adults. What a great time you and your teens could have building this together.
2. At the Toy Fair I also saw many items that weren’t board games. See my article, 16 Teen and Tween Products from Toy Fair NYC 2010.

1. Lost

    Lost Encyclopedia

  • The Lost Encyclopedia – When this book arrived at my door I couldn’t believe how much better it was than I ever expected. It is a big beautiful coffee table book. There is just so much goodness in here I can’t begin to explain it. All I can say is the Lost Encyclopedia explains everything you ever wanted to know, and then some, in a wonderful colorful way, not boring at all way. It is a true must-have for any Lost fan.
  • The Ultimate Lost and Philosophy: Think Together, Die Alone – From the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series, the first to cover all 6 seasons. Topics dealt with are Time travel, Ethics, Coincidence and fate, The question of life after birth, Friends and enemies, Fathers, sons and moral obligations, and The search for redemption. The appendix contains a short biography on all of the philosophers that Lost characters are named after.

2. The Hunger Games Trilogy – Whether this series will become the next Harry Potter or Twilight is irrelevant. I recently finished the first book of the series, The Hunger Games, and it was one of the most exciting, well-written, fast-paced young adult novels I ever read. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to read the next two, Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

I hope between the recommendation above and the video game recommendations from yesterday, you have found some gifts to buy for your teens for the holidays this year. Check back because I’m sure I’ll be adding another holiday gift list or two during the next month.

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