Benefits of the Philips WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker for Families

Benefits of the Philips WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker for Families

There are many times that we want to use the conference call feature on our smartphones. However, I don’t use it as often as I’d like to, or I turn it off sooner than I wanted to. Why? Because the speakers and mic built into cellphones aren’t the best. That is why I was thrilled to be given the new Philips WeCall Bluetooth wireless portable conference speaker and discover all of its benefits.

Philips WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker

In addition to business calls, where a conference call speaker is needed, I like to use the conference call feature for other reasons:

  • When my hands are busy while I am speaking
  • When my husband and I speak to my in-laws together
  • When I’m going to be on a long call

The Philips WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker will allow you to enjoy your hands free calls. Both the speaker and built-in microphone are crystal clear. You can use if from across the room. It is lightweight and comes with a carrying case. And the Philips WeCall Speaker received a 2014 CES Innovations award!

The setup of your WeCall speaker is very easy. Just pair the speaker to your phone the same way you would pair any Bluetooth device. A USB cable is included if you want to use it to pair the speaker what a PC or Mac. It is also needed to charge the battery, which then lasts for 8 hours. The buttons to change volume or turn the speaker on or off are on top of the speaker and very easy to find.

If you will actually be using the WeCall speaker for conference calls, there is a Philips WeCall app you can download. It is great for organizing the dates, times, phone numbers and meeting codes for all conference calls and when your conference is ready you just press one button and it makes the call. This is much better than my system of searching through my emails to find the information.

Philips WeCall Bluetooth Speaker

In addition to all this, The Philips WeCall Bluetooth Speaker can also be used to play music! So the WeCall now becomes a Bluetooth speaker with which you can share your music. So for this reason and one other, I recommend the WeCall speaker for teens. If you worry about the amount of radiation your teens might be getting from so much cellphone use, then using a conference speaker while talking rather than holding the phone to their ears, might help calm your fears.

The Philips WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker retails for $150. It works with both Apple and Android phones and the WeCall app is free.

Full Disclosure: I was given a free Philips WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker from Techlicious for attending an event at CES. I was under no obligation to review it and received no other compensation other than food and drink at the event. All opinions are completely my own.


  1. That’s very cool and I will look for this. I do a lot of conference calls and holding the iPhone to my ear is not always that comfortable. This makes sense.

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