Bankrupt At Birth: What Parents Need to Know About Child Identity Theft

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Do you know that Child Identity Theft is the fastest growing form of Identity Theft? Most parents are unaware that their children are in any danger. However, every parent needs to be aware of this threat and what they can do to protect their kids. Bankrupt At Birth: Why Child ID Theft Is On the Rise and How It’s Happening Under Parents’ Noses, is a book by Joe Mason with Steve Schwartz, which answers all your questions and more.

The mission of the authors of Bankrupt At Birth is to end Child Identity Theft. However, since this is still a growing threat to your family, they also want to give parents the advice they need. They do a great job of this. They clearly are experts in the field of Identity Theft.

In Bankrupt At Birth, you will read anecdotes about kids that had their identities stolen and learn:

  • The long term repercussions of child ID theft
  • Why kids are targeted
  • Why it is considered the hidden epidemic
  • Social Security numbers – what you should know
  • The types of ID theft
  • Social networking and privacy
  • Keeping your kids safe on smartphones
  • How to get your kids to listen to you on this topic
  • Monitoring your kids, older teens can be more difficult
  • What steps the government, schools and other agencies can take to prevent Child Identity Theft.
  • What parents need to do to recover their child’s identity if it has been stolen.
  • How to protect your children from ID theft
Protecting your child from Identity Theft requires vigilance. Checking to see if your child has a credit file through the top three credit agencies will not give you the answers you need. Instead:
  1. The authors, along with Identity Guard, an Identity Theft solution website, created their own child identity theft program, kID Sure, which scours thousands of data sources‚ searching for information related to your child.
  2. Download free Identity Theft information from Identity Guard, and
  3. Read a variety of articles and blog posts about child identity theft in the Identity Guard resource area.
Bankrupt At Birth also contains additional online resources. Child Identity Theft should not be taken lightly. If it occurs it can wreak havoc on your lives for years. Please take the time to read Bankrupt At Birth and get your free Child Identity Theft Protection kit so that you can protect your kids. You also might want to join the  upcoming Twitter party on Thursday, October 4, at 8pm, when the book’s author, Joe Mason, will be tweeting live (@IdentityG­_Joe, #bankruptatbirth). Whether you have infants or teenagers, Child Identity Theft is a real threat.
Full Disclosure: This service and the book Bankrupt at Birth were provided to me for review at no charge. In addition I received monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.
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  1. Wow, this is just too scary!! Many people probably wouldn’t know for years!

  2. That is one of the biggest problems. By the time its found out when a young adult applies for a student loan or credit card, years might have gone by.

  3. We have checked our kids’ credit reports before. I think identity theft is a big problem and every parent needs to be informed.

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