Are You a Black Swan or a White Swan?

Black Swan [Blu-ray]With the recent release of Black Swan on Blu-Ray and DVD, Twentieth century Fox launched the Black Swan Experience website which asks, Are You A Black Swan Or A White Swan? Watch some clips from the movie, click on words or phrases that describe your feelings and find out where you stand.

If you haven’t already seen Natalie Portman’s Academy Award winning role as Nina Sayers in this very dark psychological thriller, you can now view the film at home. Keep in mind, though, that Black Swan totally warrants its R rating and is not for teenagers under 17. However, there are topics that older teens and parents can discuss, such as overbearing mothers (not me, of course).

Both the Black Swan Blu-Ray and DVD contain Metamorphosis: A behind-the-scenes documentary with Darren Aronofsy (director, also known for The Fighter, The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream) in 3 parts:

  1. Visionary Directing
  2. Physically Demanding Acting
  3. Stunning Special Effects

The Blu-Ray version of Black Swan also contains these extras, in addition to Metamorphosis:

  1. Behind the curtain- An inside look at ballet’s influence on the film’s costume and production design.
  2. 10 Years in the Making – Natalie Portman and Darren Aronofsky discuss their creative journey.
  3. Cast Profiles – Roles of a lifetime.

So, which are you, a Black Swan or a White Swan?

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